Mrs. Silence Dogood

   Who is Mrs. Silence Dogood?

    She is Benjamin Franklin. That was his pen name to get his work published in his brother’s newspaper. His articles proved to be widely popular and entertaining back in the day as his brother, who wasn’t very close with him, enjoyed them as well. As you all know, Franklin is not only a writer, but he is an inventor, too. He gave us the lightning rod, bifocals, swim fins, and much more. He even gave us some well-known quotes that may help us through our daily life.

    I decided to pick out some of my favorite quotes and add a bit of art into them.


Alexander The Great


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     Have you ever thought of just giving up? All you want to do is give up because you know you don’t stand a chance or you’re stressed? There were definitely some instances where I had thought of it. One instance was my golf tournament. The girls I was playing with were really good and I thought, “Wow. I don’t think I can beat them. They seem to be old timers and I’m just a beginner.” During that situation, I built up my confidence and pushed through. I remembered that I didn’t come here to win, but I came here for the experience.

     Imagine if you were in a war and you’re marching with your army. You suddenly see your enemy and his army. Wouldn’t you feel like giving up? I know I would. Alexander the Great didn’t. Who is Alexander the Great? Well, he was one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. He was born a natural soldier and he has defeated the Persian army so many times. He DID NOT give up. Alexander the Great pushed through, and look! He has never lost a battle. Isn’t that amazing?  
     Alexander didn’t just defeat the Persians, but he also conquered other cultures in the Mediterranean. He introduced Greek myth, dance, language, etc. He had also built over 70 cities. Don’t you think that’s mind-blowing?
     If you were to build this, do that or make this, what would you do? What would you change or introduce? At this very moment, I’m inspired to dance more because of my favorite Broadway musical, Newsies! Ever since I learned about it, I’ve been looking for dance classes here in the Philippines. There were not much and I would want to change that. I would want to build more dance studios here! I also noticed that there were a lot of hip-hop classes, but not much of tap or jazz. I would build more dance studios that specialize in those two. If I had to change something, I would change that. 
     Alexander seems like a good role model as well. He teaches us to NOT give up. If ever I feel like giving up again, I would remember him and his success, as well as ask God for His guidance. 
     (Links: here and here for more about Alexander the Great)

Athenian Lifestyle

     For World History this quarter, we finally learned about Ancient Greeks! My sister and I have been so excited for this topic since we’re massive Percy Jackson fans. Ever since I read the whole series, I’ve been so excited to read about Ancient Greece and Greek gods and goddesses. 
     One lovely day, my mom, sister, and I had a discussion on Sparta and Athens. I particularly enjoyed this discussion! For me, Sparta is the place for soldiers and the sporty people. Athens is where the brainiacs and nerds hang out. After a while, we came across the lifestyle of Athenian women.
     Back then, Athenian women were forced to marry someone they either don’t know or don’t like. They always had arranged marriages. Usually, the women marry at 15! Marrying at 15? That’s too young! Forced marriages? That’s even worse. What happens if the girl does not like the guy and she can’t do anything about it? Women didn’t have the chance to decide whom they want to marry. They just go with it and don’t go for what they want.
     Athenian women didn’t have much rights either. They weren’t allowed to vote or run for government positions. They did have one power in their life which is in the house! Athenian women/wives are basically the queen of the house. Outside the house, men rule the world. Inside the house, men don’t have any control at all. 
     Obviously, boys were favored among girls. Boys were able to get education outside the house while girls had to stay in the house and do housework. This is basically favoritism. God does not value the boys over girls! He loves us all equally.
     One thing that horrifies me about the Athenian lifestyle is that weak or injured children are left in deserted places to die. Parents also have the choice to either kill the baby if they have children already. That’s not fair and godly! Athenians are supposed to be wise and yet they are not practicing equality, love, and respect for lives.
     Up to now, I think people look down upon the abilities of women. They usually think that women can’t do what men can do. They look down upon what women actually do at home. My mom has a lot of things to take care of or think about, but she still takes the time to teach me. I adore her for that! I still have a pretty difficult time handling three things all at the same time!
      If you think that women can’t do what men can do because we’re smaller and “fragile”, we can prove them wrong! 
     My mom recommended Proverbs 31:10-31 for me to read after this. I must say, it’s good! It shows me the things that a woman does in a household. It also shows me that every task, big or small, is extremely important. We should commit ourselves to what we have to do. We should be godly in what we do and do everything glorifying God! Learning about Greece not only made me learn about their lifestyle, but it also made me think about the roles of women in our everyday lives until today.

Gods And Goddesses

   World History used to be one of the subjects I disliked. But now, I enjoy it! The lesson I enjoyed the most was about the Egyptians. The way they live, their customs, what they believe in, and all those just fascinate me. One aspect of their life that fascinates me the most is what they believe in. Let me explain that for you. 
   Ancient Egyptians believe in multiple gods and goddesses. They basically have a god/goddess everything! For example: Anubis is the god of the dead and the embalming. Ra is the god of the sun. Bastet is a protective goddess. Geb is the god of the earth. Those are just four of the many gods/goddesses they have. That particular aspect of their lives just make my brain light up. It’s amazing! Now, I decided to make my own goddess that is also related to Christianity and she is…Heromi! 
   Heromi’s rather like any other normal girl, but she has special powers. She doesn’t like power and kingdoms. She just likes to be around people, helping them, and she likes to be treated as a normal person. She is the goddess of good traits. Why? She possesses very good traits and doesn’t get mad at people often. 
   We should all be like Heromi! We should help people and have a positive attitude. Just by doing those, we show people that we have Jesus in us. Everywhere we go and whatever we do, we should show people that we are like Jesus no matter what. If we show that we have Him in ourselves, people would think that we are good people. Don’t you want people to think you’re good? I certainly do!