The World Is Our Oyster

    Every day that passes is a day closer to the elections. Every night, there would be a headline on the news about this candidate having a problem with another candidate or anything concerning our politics. A major problem about our government or our justice system would pop out once in a while and I’ve noticed that more and more people are paying attention to what’s happening today. More importantly, I’ve seen that more of the youth are voicing out their opinion and saying what they believe in.

    I remember hearing from my sister that there are people asking why we are getting involved with political issues and voicing out our opinions about the government when we are minors and not yet eligible to vote. Personally, I was rather confused about this and slightly offended. Just because we are minors doesn’t mean we can’t pay attention to what’s happening in our country. It’s important to be able to learn about the issues of the country and not censor ourselves to what really is going on today.

    In To Kill a Mockingbird, a book I’ve recently read, I’ve learned a many amazing lessons and here are some of them:

Think for yourself.

Bad things happen.

Do not be afraid to stand up for what’s right.

You can never fully understand a person until you see things in his point of view.

    For me, these lessons are what the youth should always keep in mind. Thinking for ourselves is important because not everything the crowd likes is what’s right. Bad things happen. Of course. The world isn’t perfect, but we shouldn’t try and hide from the awful things that happened previously and what’s happening right now. When we voice our opinion, there will definitely be people who believe we are wrong and that we are not saying the truth. Instead of insulting them or pushing them away, we should try and understand what they believe in and what they’re trying to say. Most importantly, always stand up for what’s right. If there are people who are pushing you down, use them as a stepping stool to rise up. In my opinion, we shouldn’t be afraid to expose ourselves to reality. The world is our oyster and we should welcome whatever life has to offer us.

It’s Election Again

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 This official for senator, this one for mayor. In the Philippines, it’s almost the local government election. In Batangas {where I live}, wherever I look, I can see posters of the local officials running for government positions whether it’s for mayor, senator, congressman, and so on. Posters are not the only thing I see now. There are commercials of the officials promoting themselves and different catchy jingles. Now, I wonder:

What characteristics should we look for in a government official?

If I was running for a government position, what program should I focus on improving?
  Characteristics of a government official are really important to look for because it really tells what they can do and if they’re worth voting for. For me, the characteristics in a government official worth voting for are: smart, not lazy, helps the citizens in any way possible, and humble. Why?

   If a government official is smart, he/she can think of more possible ways in improving the country. 
   If the official is not lazy, he/she can work harder to help us get what we need. 
  If the official helps the citizens in any way possible, that is very good because it really shows he/she loves us and wants to do anything to help us. One government official I know who helps the citizens is Dick Gordon. One instance I know is when there was an accident on the road and he literally went down from his car and helped the people. When it was flooding here in the Philippines, instead of staying at the office, donating {which is also good}, he went to the really flooded places and helped the citizens who were stranded on the roofs of their houses. Despite the fact that he’s part of Red Cross, he is one official that I know who really helps. “Kapag may baha, siya basa” is one of the phrases in his commercial. 
   If the official is humble, it will mean that he/she doesn’t care about his position and won’t use it to gain media attention or public attention. The official who I really like is Jesse Robredo. He was really humble and didn’t care about his position in government. One thing that I vividly remember him doing was he played basketball with some teenagers in a barangay {Tagalog for village}. He also walks around town just wearing slippers. 
    This made me think. If I were to run for a government position, what program should I focus on improving? Should it be education, food, agricultural, etc.? Well, for me, I would focus on the education of young children because change starts with the children. I would also focus on their dreams. If they want to be a marine biologist, I’ll try to help them go for their dream! If they want to be an artist, I’ll help them by giving them art materials and classes. You know why? If they pursue what they want, they could promote their home country. Most importantly, they will be able to do what they’re good at. No matter how small we think we are, we can change the world.

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