How I Take Care of My Body

    For Biology this 4th quarter, I learned about the cell and its functions. With what I’ve read, I wasn’t able to think of anything that I could write about until my mom gave me an idea to relate it to my sport, golf! I decided to list down what I need to do to take care of my body properly (which is also taking care of my cells).

1. Before training or going to the golf course to play, I have to regularly eat a proper breakfast that would fill me up and provide me with energy for the day.

If I’m not able to get the energy I need, I won’t feel as active which means that I won’t be capable of moving properly. My body would just feel drained for the whole day causing me to not do what I need to do correctly. My cells won’t function well if I don’t eat the right food, too! If I eat sugar first thing in the morning, my energy wouldn’t stay up for the whole day. After a few hours, it would just drop. Aside from eating a balanced meal, I also drink smoothies every morning which gives me the right nutrients that my cells need.

2. If I’m playing golf or just practicing, I always have to have a bottle of water and a sports drink ready.

You might be thinking that by eating a balanced meal, I would have the energy for the whole day, but I need to keep myself hydrated as well. I’ve researched on how being dehydrated can affect you and apparently, even mild dehydration can change your mood. That’s why whenever I don’t drink enough water, I feel more tired as usual. For golf, I have to make sure that I’m always hydrated, so that I would be able to accomplish more during training.

3. I not only need to keep my energy up, but I need to learn how to do the golf swing correctly. 

A few weeks ago, my left wrist started to hurt because I was and still am not doing the proper swing. Since I had only gotten back to the sport and started training regularly about two months ago, I still haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. It’s my goal to learn the correct swing in order for me to not injure myself anymore.

    Even though you aren’t a golfer or athletic, make sure you always take care of your body down to your cells. Why? If you have a healthy body, you’d be able to do what you need to do everyday without feeling exhausted. Plus, if you have a strong immunity, you’d have a smaller chance of getting sick. I know no one would want to get sick, so what do you say? Will you take care of your body better than before?

Sunday’s Best

   Fun. The word to describe last Sunday. Why? My dad, sister, and I spent the afternoon in the golf driving range taking photos and hitting some golf balls. My sister and I took the first few photos with Kodie (Minolta XG-E), too! Why the driving range? Whenever it’s late afternoon, the sunset is B-E-A utiful.
   From 4:00 PM to about…6:00 PM, my sister was taking photos with Kodie and the Nikon. In the meantime, I was playing golf. She was even teasing me when I miss some balls or if it doesn’t fly. But hey, I’m still learning! Anyhoo, last Sunday was the best. Taking photos and playing golf were two of the things I always enjoy doing. 🙂
   P.S. All the photos here are taken by my sister and I just edited them.


Hi, it’s me. Oh look it’s my dad in the background. The one in blue. 

Golf shoe


And it’s me again. Hi.