Equality For All

    There have been so many articles circling around the internet lately about equality and racism. I’ve read a few about people being killed for no apparent reason. I’ve recently seen a video of a black girl being beaten up by a police officer while she was just seated at her school desk. Coming across these issues, I can’t help but wonder how we are going to achieve world peace if we can’t even get rid of racism or inequality in our own country. I’d now like to talk about a few of these topics.

     My mom, sister, and I watch the news almost every night and I’ve noticed that there are still many issues about rape. Majority of the victims are females and most are teenagers. I don’t understand how this is still one of the top crimes out there when men and women are all equals. Our bodies shouldn’t be sold or used for pleasure. We are ALL created by God in His image and we all have the same rights.

    Speaking of rights and equality, To Kill a Mockingbird is a perfect book that talks about it and also focuses on racism. In the book, multiple characters strongly believe that white people are typically better than blacks. It also talks about how some people judge others based on their social status. In my opinion, these still occur today. If people find out that you live in the slums of some neighbourhood, they’d probably assume that you’re a criminal or a gangster when you could be the smartest kid in your class. Another reason that they may criticize you for is your religion and nationality. Nowadays, if people find out you’re a Muslim or if you’re Arabic, they’d generally think that you’re dangerous and ruthless. These could all be completely wrong. Recently, there have been a few terrorist attacks around the world by ISIS, but that doesn’t mean every Middle Eastern person is perilous. I think this is one of the biggest problems now. Just because they’re the same nationality doesn’t mean they make the same choices.

    I don’t understand why these kinds of issues still exist today. It’s 2016 and it’s a new year. It’s time we change our mindset and get rid of our judgement towards people. We could easily get rid of these problems if we all stopped degrading each other. We all have a purpose in this world no matter how difficult times could be. 2015 has just ended and another year has just started. Let’s use this opportunity to help change the world step by step.

    Here are a few videos about indifferences towards other races particularly Muslims. They helped me open my mind even more to the fact that we are all children of God even if we’re all different nationalities.

Anti-Racist Short Film

Muslim Hate: A Social Experiment In America

Blind Trust Project

Put Racism In The Right Place (short video)