What Would Jesus Do?

    Emotion (noun): a strong feeling such as love, anger, joy, hate, or fear

    Emotions tend to control our life. Wherever we go, we always feel something and that shouldn’t be avoided. It’s important to feel in order to live. Without emotions, life is bland, but sometimes,  it can all get a bit too much.

    Our emotions change on an daily basis. One moment, we could be laughing and the next moment, we could be bawling our eyes out. When we are faced with a difficult situation, our emotions take over our mind and we feel like we can’t do anything about them. We feel overwhelmed and powerless. As much as we shouldn’t hide from our feelings, they occasionally lie to us and push us to do unreasonable things. When we let them do the driving, we tend to act on our impulses and make big mistakes. We make decisions based on what we feel rather than what’s true. Not everyone is perfect and we all can be a bit careless sometimes.

    When we are going through a tough and challenging time in our lives, it’s important to learn how to control our emotions. Why? If we don’t, we will most likely explode and make wrong decisions. We may even hurt some of the people we love. For us to be able to control our emotions, we need wisdom. Wisdom is knowing, loving, and obeying God’s Word and applying that knowledge to make good decisions. God gave us emotions so that we could be more sensitive to the needs of others. He tells us to be patient and we must take our time while making decisions. Patience is the key to controlling our emotions. A patient person will welcome whatever difficulties are given to him and allow them to perfect his character. We should always pray, ask God for wisdom and patience to make the right choices.

    We shouldn’t also forget that Jesus faced the same challenges we face. The devil still pulls the same tricks and Jesus had to deal with them as well. He knows what we feel. He knows our feelings and He can be trusted with them. Before making decisions, big or small, we must ask this important question. What would Jesus do? He had the same feelings we did, but He never sinned because of them. When we are faced with tough decisions to make, we should always keep in mind that Jesus is here to help us. He’s always available when we need Him and He will always show us what we should do.

To Kill A Mockingbird

What is the meaning of boldness?

    Boldness means to have confidence that what I say or do is true, right, and just.

    For the past few months, I’ve been reading a book called “To Kill a Mockingbird”. In this book, there is a man who has this specific character trait in his personality. His name is Atticus Finch. He is the father of Jem and Scout Finch and he is a lawyer. From what I’ve read, I’d say he is a very respectful and kind man. It is said in the book that he is working on a case and his job is to defend Tom Robinson, a black man. Back then, racism was particularly common, meaning that black people weren’t seen as equals yet. For him to defend a colored man, he would need to be rather bold to not only say the right words, but know that they are appropriate ones to state.

    In my point of view, his biggest challenge isn’t his job, but how he has to treat those who speak unacceptably about him. Their neighbor, Mrs. Dubose, would tell his children that he’s no better than the “niggers” he defends and quite a lot of people would call him a “nigger-lover”. Aside from the foul sayings folks say about him, he’d still keep his head up high and respect each and every one of them. As an example, he would still greet Mrs. Dubose with a smile every time he passes by her home. Isn’t that nice?

    He’d still manage to respect everyone no matter how rich or poor they are or if they’re colored or not. He sees everyone as equals. Luke 6:31 says, “Do for others just what you want them to do for you.” If we want to be respected and treated nicely, we’d have to treat others the same way as well.

    From the moment Adam and Eve sinned, we are born into this world with a sinful nature. I believe that one of the most common sins we commit is to judge others. We’d think that we’re higher than them or better than them. God says that we must be humble at all times. He is the ultimate Judge in this universe. Every one of us is created in God’s image and we shouldn’t look down on others.

    Tragically, once we sin, we hide it with another. Our sins multiply without God and they separate us from Him. If we want to be the best person we could ever be, we should let Him in our lives. Once we let Him lead our lives, it would certainly be easier to to be bolder in everything we do or say.

Five Responsibilities

    Responsibility is knowing and doing what God and others are expecting of me.

    As I am finally a teen, I have added responsibilities. For example: washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, setting the table, etc. From time to time, I usually grumble or make excuses which is not what I’m supposed to do. If I want to become a responsible teenager, I have to do all my work to the best of my abilities without making excuses.

    When you’re responsible, you gain trust from others. People would see that you’re capable of doing greater tasks and rely on you to do them. As we all grow older ever minute, we need to prove to people that we are trustworthy and reliable.

    I’ve listed down five responsibilities of mine and decided to try out Canva with it. My design is the picture below!

Villamor Volunteering

     Last November 8, a tragedy struck my home country, the Philippines. Super typhoon Yolanda ruined so much properties and traumatized numbers of people. Reports say that Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) was one of the strongest typhoons to hit the planet. It had winds at the speed of 315 kph. I actually felt its strong winds because on the night of November 8 or 9, the wind was howling and we lost power. It honestly was really frightening! 
     While lots of people were traumatized by what happened, I was perfectly safe and I was taking the basic needs of living for granted. I definitely felt down because while people were striving to live without clean water and food, I was ordering milkshakes and cookies. 
     In these kinds of situations, I look for relief operations to give back to those who need help. Luckily, I found one! Last November 20, I went with my family to Villamor Air Base to volunteer. I was in the clothing/toiletry department with my sister and I helped pack bags of toiletries for each survivor. My mom was in the clothiing section for babies until 1 year old and my dad was a marshal.  While I was helping out, I felt incredible because I was able to give back. 
     Even though I was really tired from what I had been doing from 1:30 PM to 9:30 PM, I actually enjoyed it. In the future, I would want to participate in more relief and packing operations. No matter how tired I would be and how difficult the job can be, I am still up for participating and helping! 🙂

Island Of The Cloud Turtles

   Guess what? I finished reading my first book for the first quarter, which is Island Of The Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. The book is about a girl who lost everything, but managed to survive in solitude on an island. At first, I thought it was a fictional story, but as I read the Author’s Note on the last pages of the book, I learned that a girl actually lived upon the island from 1835 to 1853. How shocking is that? Eighteen years on an island without anyone with you. Honestly, if I was in that situation, I wouldn’t even live for a month! The story fascinates me very much! Now, it’s time to talk about the island she lived on. 
    The island is called Island Of The Blue Dolphins because dolphins live in the seas that surround the island and it is shaped like a dolphin. It not only has dolphins, but it has sea otters, sea elephants, and some sea creatures called devilfish. There are also wild dogs roaming around the island. For food, you can either eat abalone, fish, devilfish, and other plants. Speaking of islands, I decided to create an island of my own!
   So this is Island Of The Cloud Turtles! The reason why I named it that is because the island, for me, is shaped like a cloud, and turtles are very common on the island. As of the moment, turtles are my favorite animal. You might ask, “What is the play area?”. Well, that place is just for passing time. If you want to make bracelets or socialize, that’s where you go! Southeast of the island is a sanctuary where you are not allowed to fish there. Why? Sea otters, sea turtles, and dolphins live there, so you wouldn’t want to mess with their habitat. Northeast of the island is where you can fish for food. There are actually wolves on the island, too. Why? It won’t be an island if there are no dangerous animals. It would be absolutely cool if someone just discovered an island exactly the same as the Island Of Cloud Turtles.

   Now, back to the book. I throughly enjoyed it and I learned so much whilst reading. Once disaster strikes, you gotta learn how to survive. The situation in the book doesn’t quite happen to modern people right now, but what happens if there was a drought or a flood? What if there was a disaster? I learned that all the things you learn now can help you in the future if there’s a disaster or not. We should also be content with what we have; we shouldn’t buy more things we don’t need, too. I recommend this book for all of you because it’s very easy to understand. Plus, it has an amazing story!

Blast From The Past

I had to use The Beatles as the photo because they’re awesome.
   Yes, as you can tell from the title, this post is about the past. Well, not entirely, but majority of this long post is about it. Be prepared for a long post. Literally. 
   My mom, sister, and I were reading our World History lesson this morning and our thoughts and ideas started flying everywhere. Why? We were talking about the Amish. Who are the Amish? The Amish are a group of people, founded by Jakob Amman, who, to me, live like fish on land. Can you believe that there are still quite a lot of Amish living today? Yes, they still live from 1693 to present time. My mouth dropped when I learned about how they live, their values, and their characteristics. Jakob Amman believed that it’s pointless to accept outsiders in their group because they believe that outsiders won’t be saved by Christ. He also believed that it was very important to dress very simply, so that they don’t draw attention to themselves. Married men wore untrimmed beards and wide-brimmed hats while women wore long skirts and bonnets. They still use hooks and eyes instead of buttons! They dress the same way they did before until present time. Pretty mind-spinning, right? That’s not all. They don’t use cars. They travel by horse and buggy. They do not use modern technology {electricity, machines, television, computer, television, etc.} either. Now, that’s shocking. The good thing is that they place very great value to handicrafts, hobbies, and they work hard. Men do handcrafted furniture and women do hand-sewn quilts and baked goodies. They prefer doing work by hand than using technology. How they live intrigued me, my mom, and my sister, so we started brainstorming and discussing right after the lesson. 
   The topics and questions we talked about were: 
  1. Advantages of being old-fashioned or old school
  2. Disadvantages of being old-fashioned or old school
  3. Do you think we should keep things from the past?
  4. Is there a skill you would like to learn from the past?
  5. Values of being Amish 
  6. What are things you always have to have with you these days? 
  7. A project to go without the things we cannot survive with for a day or more 
  8. If you were a time traveler, what event or events would you like to go back to? 
   Advantages of being old-fashioned or old school: The advantages for me is that they value hobbies, family, working hard, and handcrafted things more than technology. They also dress very simply unlike now. We have short shorts, too fancy tops, overloads of jewelry which attracts attention from people around you. One of the advantages I really want to apply to present time is value-ing family, handcrafted things, and hobbies. Most kids now don’t really value manners and family which saddens me. In the Philippines, a lot of kids don’t call their older siblings “Kuya” or “Ate”. Kuya means older brother and Ate means older sister. They just call them by their first name or nickname. 
   Disadvantages of being old school: How do you research? With the technology and internet we have right now, you can get answers for what you want to know in seconds. They don’t use technology, so how do they get answers? They don’t “imagine”, too. Their mindset is focused on the ways and beliefs of Jakob Amman that they don’t have any other questions, unless they look at how others live and wonder. That’s what I think. 
   Do you think we should keep things from the past? Yes! I love going to thrift stores and looking at the old books, photos, toys, and {my favorite} music albums. Keeping things from the past makes me wonder how my parents or grandparents lived back then, how they listened to music, what their food was, how they took photos, how much their food were, etc. When my parents talk about their childhood, my mouth can’t stop smiling because I like learning about it. Listening to old music is what I love the most. Right now, I’m in love with The Beatles and Bob Marley. Sometimes, I get too tired of modern music because it’s mostly about love. {ew} The Beatles’s songs are sometimes about love, but  others are about how they live life. There’s also more feel to what they’re singing. At the moment, my favorite songs are Strawberry Fields Forever, I Will, and Blackbird. {I recently learned how to play I Will and Blackbird on the guitar!} Bob Marley? I really love his music because it makes me relax. It’s so chill, too. My favorite song by him is Three Little Birds. Things that I have from the past are: a Minolta camera, music of The Beatles and Bob Marley, and old photos. I absolutely agree that we should keep things from the past. It’s very different from the things we have now and it intrigues me. 
   I would love to learn how to ride a horse and sew. I don’t sew, but I’m willing to learn. When I was a bit younger, I was obsessed with Michael Jackson {Hey, another artist I adore!}, so I made a sparkly glove out of sequins. I sewed the sequins on the glove by myself, but I don’t know if I was doing it right. I haven’t even finished it! Yes, it’s official. I would love to learn how to ride horses and how to sew.
  When you’re Amish, you really value hard work unlike present-day people. We use technology and look for an easy way around what we’re doing. We should really try to do our best in everything we do and do what the Amish people do! 
   Things I cannot do without are my cellphone and iTouch. My mom, sister and I were talking about a project we could do where we eliminate the convenient things we have now for a certain period of time. I’m willing to do it because I want to experience how it’s like to live without technology. It’s very interesting. What we do now is every meal time, we set aside our devices once the food arrives so that we have family talks. The first person who texts or uses their device will pay the next bill. My sister and I are really scared to pay, so once we sit down, we immediately put away our devices while our parents are still on them. {Hahaha!} If you want to read more about this new house rule that our family has, read about it here.
   If I was a time traveler, I would definitely go back to the performances of The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson. My guitar teacher lent me a DVD about The Beatles and I love seeing them perform. They looked so happy and cheerful. They really put their best in their music. I would also want to go back to the time where my parents were teenagers. I want to see how they dressed, acted, and how they lived. One more thing! I would want to taste the food. My mom said they had very different food and chocolate milk. Yes, chocolate milk. She said that it tasted super different from the chocolate we have now. It was her favorite!
   A very long post, right? This may be a long post, but you could learn a lot from this.

   Number One:  We should be content with what we have. The Amish don’t have technology and the things we have now, but I bet they’re still happy and living life. We shouldn’t always ask for more, more, more. We have to be happy with what we have because there are some people who may not have these things.
Number Two: The past is full of new treasures we can collect and learn from, so we should appreciate it and not throw them away for the sake of the new, the modern, and the trendy. 

12 Little Things We Can Do As Filipino Citizens

   Have you ever wondered what you could do to help your country? I have. I have wondered about that for so many times actually. The only answers I had were to recycle, buy local products, and to pray for our country. Those were only three of the twelve little things I read in the book 12 Little Things Our YOUTH Can Do To Help Our Country

   12 Little Things Our YOUTH Can Do To Help Our Country is very easy to understand. It tells you the things we could do and explains them one by one which makes it easy for kids my age to read. They are also very do-able and these are: 

   1. Be on time and don’t be lazy. Honor your commitments. 

   2. Fall in line. Respect others and wait for your turn.

   3. Sing our national anthem with pride and honor.

   4. Study well. Give your best in everything you do.

   5. Be honest. Say NO to cheating, lying, stealing. Report any crime or any illegal act.

   6. Conserve water. Plant a tree. Throw your trash properly.

   7. Stay healthy. Avoid cigarettes, drugs, and vices.

   8. Buy Pinoy. Do not buy fake or smuggled goods.

   9. Save. Plan ahead. Learn business early. 

  10. During elections, choose and support candidates who stand for what is right and good.

   11. Respect your elders. Practice “mano po.” Say “po” and “opo”.

   12. Pray for our country and our people.

   After reading these, I asked myself, “What are the things I can do that are related to these 12 little things?” So I made my own version of what I could do to help our country and these are:

   1. Don’t be late when you do your work for the day. Accomplish your goals. 

   2. Don’t cut lines. Respect the other customers. 

   3. Respect the national anthem and the flag. 

   4. Give your best in everything you do. “Pwede na” is not acceptable.

   5. Be honest! Don’t lie. 

   6. Save water. Plant another seed in replace of the tree you cut down. Throw your trash properly.  

   7. Be mindful of the food you eat. Always pick the more healthful ones. Do not do drugs or smoke. 

   8. Buy local products or buy less imported products. (I know this is difficult to do because we think that our local products are of low quality and imported products are better. There are local products that are very good though! We just have to try them out.) 

   9. Save money. If you don’t know how to do business or save money, ask your parents! (I have my own business idea and honestly, I have to do better in saving money.)

   10. Vote honestly!

   11. Respect our elders by thanking them for the things they do for us.

  12. Pray for our country and for our people by including them in our daily prayers. (Don’t just pray for ourselves and relatives.)

   These are also simple duties of every Filipino citizen. Right now, I’m hoping that each Filipino citizen will start doing these simple things to help improve our country. I will!


More Encouragement, Less Civil War!

   Civil war. Once you hear that word, what do you think of? I think of soldiers on the battlefield still fighting. I can see dead bodies everywhere. I can hear gunshots and soldiers screaming. I learned about the English Civil Wars in Mystery Of History and my thoughts say that civil wars are worse than normal wars because nations rise up against their own people, and their own people get hurt and die. It’s worse than different nations fighting against each other!

   This is actually related to the character trait I’m learning now, encouragement. Encouragement is giving confidence to someone by supporting or praising that person. If your actions or words don’t encourage other people, civil war can happen. Your friends or family members would go against you and boom! Civil war. 

   It’s just like in a family. When we don’t encourage each other, the confidence of family members go down and they won’t be able to encourage others too. The result is like civil war. 

   Nowadays, we’ve been having “civil wars” in our house. Sometimes, my sister and I don’t obey our parents, especially our mom. Our actions don’t encourage them, so they don’t get to encourage us back out of anger and frustration. Sometimes, we would just get into each other’s nerves all day.  That’s why we should be mindful of our actions and words, so that we may prevent “civil war” from happening. We should always try to encourage other people by saying the right words and doing the right actions. When we encourage, we build up the other person. We should encourage others, so that they can be soldiers of God who believe that they can be a source of love and peace. And while we’re doing that, we’re becoming God’s soldiers ourselves, who protect our own families from “civil wars” and breaking down.

Kaya Naming Maipakita ang Aming Kakayahan Para Sa Kapayapaan!

   Lahat ng tao ay may iba’t ibang kakayahan. Halimbawa, ang kapatid ko ay marunong gumuhit at marunong naman akong magluto. Dapat natin gamitin ang mga ito nang mabuti dahil bigay ang mga ito ng Diyos. Halimbawa, kakanta ka para sa isang “charity event” o magluluto ako ng mga pagkain at ibibigay ko sa mga taong mahirap. 

   Pwede nating gamitin ang ating mga kakayahan natin para tulungan ang ibang tao. Kapag ang mga tao ay may iba’t ibang talento o kakayahan para makamit ang isang layunin, kooperasyon ang kanilang ipinapakita. Ang kooperasyon ay ang pakikipagtulungan. Naalala ko ang isang laro na nilaro ko sa kamp na kinailangan ng kooperasyon. Ang pangalan nito ay “Flip The Blanket”. Ang mga bata ay dapat baligtarin yung kumot pero dapat walang paa na lalabas sa kumot. Ang bawat isa ay dapat tumulong para baligtarin ang kumot. Importante ang pagkikipagtulungan dahil magiging mas madali ang gawain. 

   Mayroong isa pang paraan para gamitin natin ang mga kakayahan natin at  himukin ang kooperasyon. Pwede nating gamitin ang mga ito para sa kapayapaan!  Halimbawa, ang mga “traffic enforcers” at pulis ay nagpapanatili ng kapayapaan sa kalye para maiwasan ang mga aksidente. Ang mga magulang  ay nagtutulungan para mag-alaga sa kanilang mga anak. Ginagamit din nila ang mga kakayahan nila para pasayahin ang mga anak nila. Ang mga tsuper ng bus at motorsiklo naman ay hindi nagtataguyod ng kapayapaan kasi palagi silang sumisingit at hindi nagiging mapagbigay sa mga ibang kotse. Dapat nating gamitin kung ano ang alam nating mabuti para sa nakararami at  dapat tayong magtulungan. Sa ganitong paraan, maiiwasan ang away at magkakaroon tayo ng kapayapaan! 

   Ako, bilang isang dalagita ay pwede ding magtaguyod ng kapayapaan sa pamamagitan ng pagkinig at pagsunod sa aking mga magulang. Hindi din ako magdadabog at magrereklamo kapag sinasabihan ako. Kapag may mali akong ginawa sa aking mga kaibigan o kamag-anak, ako ay hihingi ng paumahin. Kahit bata pa ako, pwede kong gamitin ang aking kakayahan para sa kapayapaan!

Keys For Kids!

  This year, we go to CBH Ministries for our daily devotional and reflection because they give us very helpful lessons we can use in our life. The lessons that we learned last September 4-6 and 11-12 were very useful because we either experience it or need to do it. Here is what I wrote about last  September 4-6 and 11-12 devotionals: 

September 4, 2012 

Psalm 119:97 – Oh, how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day. 

My Reflection:

  I find it difficult to get in the habit of reading the Bible everyday. It says that I         should start slowly first, but I shouldn’t give up. I should always try again. I should read verses first. I’ll try and try to make His Word part of my routine. 

September 5, 2012 

1 Corinthians 12:27 – You are the body of Christ, and members individually. 

My Reflection: 
  It takes a lot of people to do the best job in God’s Work. We should work            together faithfully! Do not say that you’re useless because everyone has his or her job and everyone one of us are needed! 

September 6, 2012 

Proverbs 12:15 – The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise. 

My Reflection: 
  Criticism is not all bad. It can help you too! Criticism is not a pleasant feeling, but we should think about what they said. It can help us “knock off the rough spots” in our character. And the next time you criticize someone’s actions or choices, try to say it kindly and patiently.

September 11, 2012 
John 7:24 – Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment. 

My Reflection: 
  We should judge people not by their appearances. When we meet new people, we should learn what they like and get to know them better. We shouldn’t make any hasty judgements. Hey, maybe they don’t look that good on the outside but they might be just like you on the inside. 

September 12, 2012 
1 Peter 3:8 – Love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous. 

My Reflection: 
  The Bible tells us to be courteous ALL THE TIME. We need to talk quietly, be polite, and we should control ourselves. We should also encourage others to obey God in this way.