Why “To Kill A Mockingbird”?

    The moment I started reading To Kill A Mockingbird, I kept wondering why that was the title. I couldn’t piece together why that was chosen to be the name of the book. Many chapters in, I’ve finally learned why. Long story short, Scout and Jem received air rifles as gifts. Atticus, their father, tells them to shoot tin cans, but never shoot mockingbirds. He tells them that it is considered a sin to kill one. It’s considered a sin to kill a peaceful mockingbird because they do nothing but provide music for us. They don’t do any harm to us and we shouldn’t harm them back. “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.”

    I was very fascinated with the meaning behind the title, so I made a two artworks related to mockingbirds.


Mrs. Silence Dogood

   Who is Mrs. Silence Dogood?

    She is Benjamin Franklin. That was his pen name to get his work published in his brother’s newspaper. His articles proved to be widely popular and entertaining back in the day as his brother, who wasn’t very close with him, enjoyed them as well. As you all know, Franklin is not only a writer, but he is an inventor, too. He gave us the lightning rod, bifocals, swim fins, and much more. He even gave us some well-known quotes that may help us through our daily life.

    I decided to pick out some of my favorite quotes and add a bit of art into them.


Color Shift

For art this quarter, I decided to shift from pastel to pencil and a bit of pen. In all honestly, I’ve always enjoyed using pencil. Once the lead touches the paper, I won’t stop until the artwork is done! I also noticed that I always make rough sketches before adding all the details which helps me quite a lot.

The pictures on the next page are of the artworks I’ve made this quarter.

Experimenting With Art

    For the past year, I’ve been making artworks using pastel. Lately, I’ve also been experimenting with watercolor and I enjoy it very much. I try my best to make some kind of art every day or every week because it’s a way of letting out my emotions. Art is such an amazing thing and I’ve come to really appreciate it lately. The artworks I’ve made using pastel and some artworks I’ve made using watercolor are in the next page!


Practice Makes Perfect

    Before, I used to not enjoy doing Art because I knew that I didn’t have any talent at it. I used to get so frustrated if the artwork didn’t turn out as planned. I used to give up right away if I couldn’t think of anything to draw.

    During 2014, I’ve started doodling and drawing more which made me discover my own style. This quarter, I decided to just take a few pastels, use my imagination, and put them on paper. I’ve had so much fun using pastels that I want to try other art mediums! I’m now attempting to do calligraphy and watercolor which is pretty difficult, but…practice makes perfect, right?

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Earth Without Art Is Just “Eh”

    In my family, I’m the sporty one so I’m not quite the artist. I wasn’t very interested and focused in art until this year.

    When I started using pastel, I gained more interest in art and started enjoying it more! I also gained much more confidence in art and I now am not ashamed to try new things. These artworks are honestly my favourite ones that I’ve done so far and I’m proud of them. Click “Continue Reading” to see them!


Sketchy Sketches


Church burning down.

Kristoff sketches. They’re not perfect, but this was my favorite one to do.


Another Olaf artwork!
     For Art, my topic was form. Since Frozen was definitely in that time (even up to now), I decided to do some Frozen artworks. My favorite one to do was the Kristoff sketches. Why? I didn’t actually plan to make sketches of the characters, but I picked up my pencil and started drawing faces. After a few minutes, I finally said to myself “Yep. I’m making Frozen artworks.” Despite the fact that these aren’t perfect, they look pretty good to me.

Art: Texture and Shape


     I recently saw amazing drawings online and I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. They were absolutely amazing! They all looked so real. The one thing that caught my eye was a drawing of eyes! Since I was learning about shape and texture in Art, I decided to have a go on drawing eyes. 
     I am very proud of the last drawing because it was my very first attempt of drawing eyes and it actually turned out quite good. I also am proud of the cookie drawing. At first, I didn’t think that I would be able to finish it because I get frustrated easily if it doesn’t go the way I planned it. It turned out well, too. 
     I’m hoping that the next batch of drawings will turn out as good or even better as this batch.