A Review


This quarter, I’ve finally moved onto Algebra II, but the first few lessons are just reviews of the past lessons in Algebra I. I haven’t moved onto more difficult topics yet, but I’m excited to challenge and push myself even further in Math.

A Quite Difficult Math

Being a Grade 9 student, each subject gets more difficult each day as I learn something new or review something I’ve learned before. A particular subject used to take me an hour to finish a lesson or two. Now,  it takes me an hour to finish half a lesson or if I’m lucky, a whole lesson. That subject is Math. Math lessons or problems get longer and get more difficult to solve as I move forward with the textbook. Aside from it being time-consuming, I enjoy it either way. I do my best to enjoy it because I know it would definitely help me in the future.

The quizzes I answered are on the next page.


Algebra Problems

    This quarter, I didn’t answer as much as before because the lessons are becoming more difficult to understand and are starting to get longer. In all honestly, I was only able to finish six lessons this quarter due to the fact that I’m beginning to have a difficult time in Math. What I decided to do is to pick out five problems that I’ve learned how to solve in the six lessons and answer them. Really out of the box, right? I wasn’t able to finish my requirements for Math in one school year which means that I have to study during summer, but I truly enjoy the subject. It may challenge me, but I know that it’s needed in the future!

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

    Throughout 2nd and 3rd quarters, I’ve learned things I thought I’d never understand. I’m not one of those people who absolutely hate Math. I have a love-hate relationship with this particular subject, but hey! It’s needed in the real world. I’m not bothered with how difficult the lessons are because I know that I would definitely use them in the future. I’ve been having a hard time catching up with Math nowadays, but I’m enjoying it so far! [The picture above shows a part of what I’ve learned this year.]

Algebraic Equations

     These are just some of the exercises I had to do for Pre-Algebra. Most of my friends say that pre-algebra and algebra are really difficult, but I’m currently having fun! This is just basic Pre-Algebra, so it will definitely get more difficult once I level up to Algebra. I’ll just try to have as much fun as I can in my school years even if it’s very stressful.