Color Shift

For art this quarter, I decided to shift from pastel to pencil and a bit of pen. In all honestly, I’ve always enjoyed using pencil. Once the lead touches the paper, I won’t stop until the artwork is done! I also noticed that I always make rough sketches before adding all the details which helps me quite a lot.

The pictures on the next page are of the artworks I’ve made this quarter.

Bayan o Sarili

“Bayan o sarili”
Ito ang dapat tanungin
Mabubuti ang mga Pilipino
Pero kayang-kaya ba mag sakripisyo?

Mayroong masamang nangyayari
Na lumalabas sa TV
Maraming krimen ang ginagawa
Ng mga tao

Sa palagay ko
Ang mga “headlines” ngayon ay tungkol sa eleksyon
Maraming tao ang tumatakbo
Bilang presidente, bise-presidente at senador
Iyan ay ilan lang sa mga posisyon
Tingnan natin kung sino ang mga mananalo

Ang mahalaga lang sa akin
Ang sagot nila sa tanong
“Bayan o sarili?”

Handa ba sila
Ibigay ang lahat para sa mga Pilipino?
Makakaya ba nila
Iligtas ang Pilipinas sa kanser ng bayan?

Ang “kanser ng bayan” ang ginamit ni Rizal
Para ilarawan ang mga masasamang nangyayari noon
Bakit hanggang ngayon
Wala pa itong gamot?

Bayan o sarili?
Sagutin mo na nga ito
Sana lang bayan ang pinili mo
Para makaahon na lahat tayo

A Quite Difficult Math

Being a Grade 9 student, each subject gets more difficult each day as I learn something new or review something I’ve learned before. A particular subject used to take me an hour to finish a lesson or two. Now,  it takes me an hour to finish half a lesson or if I’m lucky, a whole lesson. That subject is Math. Math lessons or problems get longer and get more difficult to solve as I move forward with the textbook. Aside from it being time-consuming, I enjoy it either way. I do my best to enjoy it because I know it would definitely help me in the future.

The quizzes I answered are on the next page.


Experimenting With Art

    For the past year, I’ve been making artworks using pastel. Lately, I’ve also been experimenting with watercolor and I enjoy it very much. I try my best to make some kind of art every day or every week because it’s a way of letting out my emotions. Art is such an amazing thing and I’ve come to really appreciate it lately. The artworks I’ve made using pastel and some artworks I’ve made using watercolor are in the next page!


To Kill A Mockingbird

What is the meaning of boldness?

    Boldness means to have confidence that what I say or do is true, right, and just.

    For the past few months, I’ve been reading a book called “To Kill a Mockingbird”. In this book, there is a man who has this specific character trait in his personality. His name is Atticus Finch. He is the father of Jem and Scout Finch and he is a lawyer. From what I’ve read, I’d say he is a very respectful and kind man. It is said in the book that he is working on a case and his job is to defend Tom Robinson, a black man. Back then, racism was particularly common, meaning that black people weren’t seen as equals yet. For him to defend a colored man, he would need to be rather bold to not only say the right words, but know that they are appropriate ones to state.

    In my point of view, his biggest challenge isn’t his job, but how he has to treat those who speak unacceptably about him. Their neighbor, Mrs. Dubose, would tell his children that he’s no better than the “niggers” he defends and quite a lot of people would call him a “nigger-lover”. Aside from the foul sayings folks say about him, he’d still keep his head up high and respect each and every one of them. As an example, he would still greet Mrs. Dubose with a smile every time he passes by her home. Isn’t that nice?

    He’d still manage to respect everyone no matter how rich or poor they are or if they’re colored or not. He sees everyone as equals. Luke 6:31 says, “Do for others just what you want them to do for you.” If we want to be respected and treated nicely, we’d have to treat others the same way as well.

    From the moment Adam and Eve sinned, we are born into this world with a sinful nature. I believe that one of the most common sins we commit is to judge others. We’d think that we’re higher than them or better than them. God says that we must be humble at all times. He is the ultimate Judge in this universe. Every one of us is created in God’s image and we shouldn’t look down on others.

    Tragically, once we sin, we hide it with another. Our sins multiply without God and they separate us from Him. If we want to be the best person we could ever be, we should let Him in our lives. Once we let Him lead our lives, it would certainly be easier to to be bolder in everything we do or say.

How I Take Care of My Body

    For Biology this 4th quarter, I learned about the cell and its functions. With what I’ve read, I wasn’t able to think of anything that I could write about until my mom gave me an idea to relate it to my sport, golf! I decided to list down what I need to do to take care of my body properly (which is also taking care of my cells).

1. Before training or going to the golf course to play, I have to regularly eat a proper breakfast that would fill me up and provide me with energy for the day.

If I’m not able to get the energy I need, I won’t feel as active which means that I won’t be capable of moving properly. My body would just feel drained for the whole day causing me to not do what I need to do correctly. My cells won’t function well if I don’t eat the right food, too! If I eat sugar first thing in the morning, my energy wouldn’t stay up for the whole day. After a few hours, it would just drop. Aside from eating a balanced meal, I also drink smoothies every morning which gives me the right nutrients that my cells need.

2. If I’m playing golf or just practicing, I always have to have a bottle of water and a sports drink ready.

You might be thinking that by eating a balanced meal, I would have the energy for the whole day, but I need to keep myself hydrated as well. I’ve researched on how being dehydrated can affect you and apparently, even mild dehydration can change your mood. That’s why whenever I don’t drink enough water, I feel more tired as usual. For golf, I have to make sure that I’m always hydrated, so that I would be able to accomplish more during training.

3. I not only need to keep my energy up, but I need to learn how to do the golf swing correctly. 

A few weeks ago, my left wrist started to hurt because I was and still am not doing the proper swing. Since I had only gotten back to the sport and started training regularly about two months ago, I still haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. It’s my goal to learn the correct swing in order for me to not injure myself anymore.

    Even though you aren’t a golfer or athletic, make sure you always take care of your body down to your cells. Why? If you have a healthy body, you’d be able to do what you need to do everyday without feeling exhausted. Plus, if you have a strong immunity, you’d have a smaller chance of getting sick. I know no one would want to get sick, so what do you say? Will you take care of your body better than before?

Algebra Problems

    This quarter, I didn’t answer as much as before because the lessons are becoming more difficult to understand and are starting to get longer. In all honestly, I was only able to finish six lessons this quarter due to the fact that I’m beginning to have a difficult time in Math. What I decided to do is to pick out five problems that I’ve learned how to solve in the six lessons and answer them. Really out of the box, right? I wasn’t able to finish my requirements for Math in one school year which means that I have to study during summer, but I truly enjoy the subject. It may challenge me, but I know that it’s needed in the future!

The Dress

    “What color is the dress? Is it white and gold or blue and black?” I feel like these are the most asked questions for the past few weeks ever since the photo above came out on social media. This dress became internet-famous overnight and probably caused several short arguments on the internet. People said that it’s blue and black, but others said it was white and gold! I personally saw it as blue and black, but some of my friends saw it differently. In my opinion, these types of things confuse me because not everyone agrees on the same thing. Not everyone is on the same page!

    What I did is that I decided to ask yesterday ten of my friends, who are all girls, the most important question about color of the dress then made a simple pie graph/circle graph from their answers. I’m learning about graphs in Statistics at the moment and I think they would help me understand information better. I actually find making graphs quite fun as well! (Just a heads up, the graph below probably won’t represent the opinion of the whole human race)

    How about you? In your eyes, what colors do you see?

The Kindness and Cruelty of Humans

    Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live through World War II? I’m currently reading a book called The Book Thief which is set around that time and as I read, I slowly imagine myself in the character’s position. I imagine myself to be doing what they’re doing, seeing what they’re seeing, and saying what they’re saying. By doing that, it’s like I actually live through the World War II era. Reading the book and imagining yourself to be in it is very entertaining, but sometimes, it gets a bit miserable. World War II is not at all merry. Obviously, it’s WAR. In the book, you can tell how humans can be exceptionally kind to others, but some aren’t. The kindness and cruelty of humans aren’t just in the World War I and II days. I’ve read about the cruelties that happened during World War II. A lot of humans were affected, but the Jews, in particular, suffered the most. The German Nazis treated them miserably. They were tortured, forced to work, and even used as medical experiments. How I wish that these acts don’t occur anymore, but it’s no doubt that the cruelty of humans are still present in the different parts of the world today.

    Every night, my family and I watch the news and majority of what’s on it are horrifying. I get shocked whenever I find out about unacceptable acts that are happening in my country or in some faraway place. Someone was murdered, someone was shot, or a person was robbed. When I see these on the television, I wonder if it’s ever going to stop, but every day, there’s always something new. I know that there are kind-hearted people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand to others, but there are still some loathsome humans in the world. It’s a sad reality.

    In fact, one cruel event happened very recently in my own country in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Just a few weeks ago, 44 of my country’s soldiers were killed in a brutal encounter with Muslim rebels. I consider that event one of the cruelties in the world, but there are still people who are kind enough to help the families of the soldiers. They’ve risked their lives to protect those living in the Philippines which makes them our heroes. I’m hoping that one day, justice would be served for them and their families.