Recently I…

  1. Listen to Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia a lot. 
  2. Try to keep my desk as neat as possible. 
  3. Look at other people’s blogs. 
  4. Look at clothes. {hahaha} 
  5. Try to plan meet-ups with my friends. {emphasis on the try} 
  6. Rummage through old photos. 
  7. Look at shoes. 
  8. Have been wanting to blog more often.
  9. Have been on Twitter and Instagram.
  10. Have been eating a lot.
  11. Look for cheap Instax cameras and films. {I really want one!} 
  12. Listen to Andy Grammer. 
  13. Get bored often. 
  14. Have been stressing on my studies.
  15. Stare into space. 
  16. Daydream. 
  17. Take photos.
  18. Edit photos.
  19. Want to cook/bake.
  20. Do arts and crafts.