Japan Adventures


    Traveling is, for sure, one of the best experiences on earth. The feeling of exploring a new place you’ve never been to is beyond words. Don’t you feel that rush of excitement taking over your body when you hear the people talk in their own language?

    I’m so grateful that I’ve been around the country and out of the country. As my parents would say, my sister and I are very much privileged. I’m so thankful for the blessings I have been showered with and will forever be appreciative of everything my parents have done for us.

    Ever since before, to travel around the world has always been on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy, France, Thailand, Korea, UK, Ireland, Scotland, etc.

    What I decided to do was to make a “mini” travel itinerary for Japan. Japan has always been on my list of countries to visit, so here we go!


5 Days On An Island

   Last April 22-26, my sister, 4 friends (Nicole, Enzo, Simone, and Ate Audrey), and I(Nicole, Enzo, Simone, and Ate Audrey) were sent to an island full of different species of birds and fish for a Youth Marine And Wildlife Camp. What island? Danjugan Island in Bacolod, Philippines! During those 5 extra-fun days, we had no electricity, extra-cold water, and slept on mattresses covered in mosquito nets. The mosquito nets prevent mosquitoes, ants, and any kind of insect to bother us when we sleep. I honestly don’t know how to describe how it looks like, but thankfully, we have pictures! 
  During those days, I learned a lot of new things and met amazing friends. What did I learn? I learned about dangerous sea creatures, corals, birds, bats, and fish. We also learned some basic things to do when you or your friend got hurt. I learned so much things that it would take too long to explain! Who did I meet? I met lots of new friends, but only some of them are my close friends today. Jade and Nacho are my close friends now. They’re so much fun to hang out with and there’s no boring moment with them. The staffers were fun to talk to also!

   Last April 25, it was my 12th birthday. That meant I celebrated it in camp! For me, the fourth day was the best because we had so much activities to do. We also slept under the stars, played truth or dare with other friends, and sang songs until 3 A.M. We were supposed to watch an eclipse that was going to happen at 3:30 A.M., but we all crashed 30-minutes before. I had the best time ever in camp! It was extra-fun and enjoyable. I would really want to go back next year and maybe invite more friends to go. Everything we did in camp was super awesome! The people I met and the things I learned were amazing too. To end this post, I am going to give you guys a quote a staffer gave us, campers, that I wouldn’t forget.

If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance. 

Our beds! {Ignore the messy-ness please!) 


From left to right: Nacho, me, my sister, and Nicole

Manong Kalayo or as we call him, Manong Bob!

Staffers from left to right: Manong Mykee, Manang Dana, Manong Jay

Left to right: me, Jade, and Maui
Camp photo!

NOTE: I’m so sorry for not being able to post in a while! I’ve been busy with loads of stuff. 


Palawan 2013


   “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” For all those who watch Finding Nemo, this is a very famous phrase. This is also the phrase I kept saying to myself last March 26-29. Why? My best friend, Lauryn, and her family {Tita Lyndee, Tito Brad, and Brandon. Tita/Tito are what we call our elders or relatives) went with me and my family to Palawan, Philippines! We stayed at Club Paradise and we had loads of fun. The water was really clear and cool. The sand was white and not too milky, which is what I wanted. The only thing that bothered us was that there were a lot of jellyfish. All of us got stung by the tiny ones and luckily, we didn’t get stung by those big ones. 

   Aside from swimming, me, Lauryn, and Tita Lyndee went diving with my family. First, we went intro dive where a dive instructor taught us some basic things to learn about diving. Then, we finally dove in the beautiful ocean! Right after my first dive, I wanted to be a certified diver. I can’t believe I said that I wouldn’t dive! 
   Not only that, we also went on a Coron island tour. We went to Kayangan Lake, Siete Picados Marine Park, Twin Lagoon, and  Maquinit Hot Springs. After, we were able to catch some part of the sunset and we even saw about hundreds of bats going out from their “homes” to gather food. They usually go out at about 6 PM. 
   We also met four foreign friends. Ivina and Christina or Kristina are from Russia. Olivia is from South Africa and Julio is from Brazil. The last night of the trip, Lauryn, Brandon, and I were really hyper that we were laughing at everything. We were playing darts and ping pong while laughing our heads off! Julio even joined in! We had loads of fun and laughs, so I’m sure it won’t be forgotten.
   This trip was absolutely wonderful. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t forget all the fun moments I had and the friends I made. I can’t wait for next year’s trip!

   (It’s time to break the blog hiatus! I’ve been really busy that I wasn’t able to post these a while back. Now, I’m back to blogging!)

Pilipinas Kong Mahal





   Dito sa Pilipinas, tag-init na! Ang mga tao ay pumupunta sa iba’t ibang mga lugar para magbakasyon. Sila ay pumupunta sa Japan, Korea, United Kingdom o sa iba’t ibang lugar at tanawin dito sa Pilipinas! Para sa akin, napakaganda ang mga tabing-dagat dito sa ating bansa. Ngayong bakasyon, pupunta kami sa Palawan. Tuwang-tuwa ako dahil kasama namin ang pamilya ng kaibigan ko. Pero, teka lang, ano pa ang mga magagandang lugar pwedeng puntahan dito? 

   Cebu ay isa sa mga lugar. Sa Cebu, napakasarap ng lechon! Diyan din makikita ang mga butanding sa bayan ng Oslob.  Ang laki nila! Hindi lang iyan. Pumunta din kami sa isang talon. Ang pangalan nito ay Tumalog Falls. Para pumunta dito, kailangan kang lumakad pababa. Bakit? Nasa ibaba ng bundok ito. Noong narating namin yung talon, naging presko ang pakiramdam ko. Malamig ang hangin, malamig ang tubig, at maririnig mo talaga ang patak at agos ng tubig galing sa talon. Napakaganda talaga nito! Kahit mahirap ang pagpunta rito, nasiyahan pa rin ako. Wala akong masabi sa ganda nito. Kung pwede, gustong gusto kong bumalik sa Cebu. 
   Sa Bohol, natuwa din ako sa mga pinuntahan namin. Noong pagdating namin, nag-“island tour” kami. Pumunta kami sa isang matandang simbahan, Sandugo {blood compact}, Chocolate Hills, at isang lugar na may mga tarsier! Sobrang saya ako noong nakita ko ang isang tarsier dahil ang kyut (cute) nila! Maliit sila, malaki ang mga mata, at mahaba ang buntot. Ang laki nila ay parang isang kamay na nakabuka. Ang masasabi ko sa inyo ay ang Bohol ay isang magandang lugar na dapat puntahan ng lahat. 
   Palawan naman ang pinaka-paboritong lugar na pinuntahan ko. Maputi ang buhangin, malinaw at malamig ang tubig. Kahit hindi pa malalim ang tubig, may makikita ka ng mga isda! Madaming mga isda!  Noong pumunta kami, sobrang dami ng makukulay na isda.  Nakakita din kami ng isang maliit na pating. Ang Palawan ay isa ding lugar na dapat puntahan ng lahat.  
   Alam ko na may iba’t iba pang mga  lugar sa Pilipinas na hindi ko pa napupuntahan. Sana magkaroon kami ng isang pagkakataon na pumunta sa lahat na magagandang lugar at makita ang mga yaman ng ating lupang tinubuan, ang Pilipinas.

Lumang simbahan sa Bohol 
Starfish sa Bohol

“Whale shark (butanding) watching”, Cebu

Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Sandugan, Bohol

Tarsier sa Bohol

Papunta sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu. Mahaba at nakakapagod pumunta doon pero nasiyahan naman ako pagdating sa talon.

Ako at si Lauryn sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Kami sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Sumilon, Cebu

Papunta sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Camp Smile

   “Stomp the present with an act. Dare to make our dreams a fact!” These two sentences are the last and my favorite lines in the CISV (Children’s International Summer Village) song we sing before breakfast and after dinner in camp. CISV is an international program focused on building global friendship.

   Doris Allen, the founder of CISV, believed that the source of peace is the children. She wanted children from all over the world to learn and respect different cultures and common values. That program is Village. Village sends 11-year old delegates to a specific place for a month, accompanied by adult leaders, to learn about other cultures. They participate in cultural, educational, and sporting activities.

   I’ve been joining CISV for over 2 years now, and this sem break’s mini camp will be my fourth! There are two age groups, 9-11 and 12-14. My camp’s name is Camp Ten Planet (9-11) and my sister’s is Camp Watt (12-14). What I love most about CISV is that children of different ages, maybe even nationalities, and from different schools gather together to be friends and to learn more about each other! 

   In Mystery Of History, I learned about the Thirty Years War. Can you imagine thirty, not one, not two, but THIRTY years of war? I can’t even think of all the people who have died and all the properties destroyed by bombs. 

   Whenever I think of the Thirty Years War, I keep saying to myself, “Imagine if CISV already existed during that time. The war wouldn’t have taken place if CISV existed already! Imagine all the children, together, making peace with one another. What if every country had CISV? War wouldn’t exist at all if there was CISV everywhere!” Can you believe that there are only 60 countries that have CISV while 140 countries are missing out? 

   I decided to make my own version of a mini camp that I think can promote peace. Camp Smile is the name. At Camp Smile, I want to teach kids to smile, not frown, when there is a fight or even when situations are bad. Usually when kids frown, the situation around them becomes “dark”. Smiling can make the situation better, if you ask me! If you still don’t understand why we should smile, let me give you an example. Imagine yourself with your parents and your parents disagree with something you want. You frown or give a bad attitude, which makes the situation even worse. But, if you smile and give out a good attitude instead, the situation becomes light on your shoulders! You may think smiling is just for the camera, but smiling can also make peace. I want children to do that. So, smile everybody, SMILE!  

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!

   Last Sunday, my sister and I went to CISV’s 50th Anniversary in Rockwell. We  bought shirts and watched the performances of the different chapters (QC, Cebu, Bacolod, Baguio, Manila). We were shocked that 60 countries have CISV and there are 200 countries in the whole world! 

   The best part of the CISV Anniversary was that we were able to see our old camp mates which was awesome! We also met new kids who joined CISV. And, guess what? 600 CISVers attended the CISV Anniversary! CISV made me meet new people and make peace not war. Thank you, Doris Allen, for creating CISV and happy anniversary, CISV! 

Sofia, Annelle, and Marga

Francis and Esab

Annelle and Marga!

Marga, Chelsea, Denise, and Bea

Annelle and Enzo!

Annelle, me, and Marga!