Disney Dudez

 Thanks to Lianna, I’ve been watching this video and listening to the song non-stop. This is proper entertainment, you guys. Disney + boybands are the best thing ever. Their voices are…I can’t think of the proper word to describe their voices. That’s how good they are. The mash-up is great as well! The boyband’s name is IM5 and the “Mickey Mouse”/janitor is Todrick Hall, so search them up now!

   Dalton, the second guy who sings that looks like real-life Jack Frost, is a Whovian! He’s been homeschooled all his life, too!  From watching their interviews today, they look really fun to hang out with. I wish they would all notice me and be my friends.  All you readers, you better search up IM5 and Todrick Hall on Youtube right now! They’re great singers, fun guys, and hilarious people. I know you’ll be obsessed with them like me. Yes, I am proud to say I am a 5er (a fan of IM5).

Amazing Artists

  This week, I have recently discovered two new artists who are Lindsey Sterling and The Piano Guys. They make covers of songs using their instruments, which is what I love about them! The videos below are just some of the really great covers. There are much more, so just head over to Youtube and search them!

Phantom of the Opera

  Last September 21, 2012, my family and I watched the second longest running musical, Phantom of the Opera! There were scenes that made me laugh, scared, and sad. Most of the scenes were opera, but I still enjoyed it so much! Even though I’m not that fond of opera, the musical was simply wonderful to watch and I hope I could watch it again sometime.