Halalan 2016

    Palapit nang palapit na ang halalan ng 2016. Umiikot na ang mga candidato sa iba’t ibang lugar ng Pilipinas at sila’y nagpapakilala at nagsasalita sa harap ng mga Pilipino para makakuha ng mga boto. Maraming emosyon at pakiramdam ang pwedeng kumalat sa bansa katulad ng takot, galit, inggit, stress, at iba pa dahil sa eleksyon. Ang mga tao’y maaaring matakot sa anumang resulta pagkatapos ng botohan pero sa palagay ko, mas nastre-stress ang mga kandidato ngayon dahil sa kanilang kailangang gawin para makakuha ng mga boto.

    Sa palagay ko, sila ay dapat marunong magpigil ng kanilang mga emosyon at damdamin. Kapag sila’y pumutok at biglang magalit, maaari itong sisira sa kanilang pangalan at reputasyon. Kung pinapayagan nila na ang mga emosyon nila ang kokontrol sa buhay nila, pwede silang gumawa ng mga maling desisyon at malalaking pagkakamali.

    Para sa akin, mas nababahala ako kung anong mangyayari sa bansa pagkatapos ng eleksyon. Ang lahat ng mga opisyal ng pamahalaan ay papalitan pero anong mangyayari pagkatapos? Anong mangyayari sa ating mga problema katulad ng korupsyon? Sa loob ng ilang buwan, aalis na ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno sa kanilang mga pwesto at ang mga bagong halal ang uupo. Mayroong akong nabasang istorya tungkol kay Napoleon Bonaparte at siya’y nagkaroon ng mga maraming kapangyarihan. Isa sa mga ginawa niya ay naglagay siya ng kanyang mga kamag-anak sa mga posisyon ng kapangyarihan. Ito ay ginagawa din sa Pilipinas at ayoko itong maranasan muli.

    Isang mensahe para sa mga boboto: bumoto kayo nang matalino. Isipin din ninyo ang kinabukasan at hindi lang ang ngayon. Baguhin na natin ang ating sistema at huwag masilaw sa pera kung saan mabibili ang inyong boto.

The World Is Our Oyster

    Every day that passes is a day closer to the elections. Every night, there would be a headline on the news about this candidate having a problem with another candidate or anything concerning our politics. A major problem about our government or our justice system would pop out once in a while and I’ve noticed that more and more people are paying attention to what’s happening today. More importantly, I’ve seen that more of the youth are voicing out their opinion and saying what they believe in.

    I remember hearing from my sister that there are people asking why we are getting involved with political issues and voicing out our opinions about the government when we are minors and not yet eligible to vote. Personally, I was rather confused about this and slightly offended. Just because we are minors doesn’t mean we can’t pay attention to what’s happening in our country. It’s important to be able to learn about the issues of the country and not censor ourselves to what really is going on today.

    In To Kill a Mockingbird, a book I’ve recently read, I’ve learned a many amazing lessons and here are some of them:

Think for yourself.

Bad things happen.

Do not be afraid to stand up for what’s right.

You can never fully understand a person until you see things in his point of view.

    For me, these lessons are what the youth should always keep in mind. Thinking for ourselves is important because not everything the crowd likes is what’s right. Bad things happen. Of course. The world isn’t perfect, but we shouldn’t try and hide from the awful things that happened previously and what’s happening right now. When we voice our opinion, there will definitely be people who believe we are wrong and that we are not saying the truth. Instead of insulting them or pushing them away, we should try and understand what they believe in and what they’re trying to say. Most importantly, always stand up for what’s right. If there are people who are pushing you down, use them as a stepping stool to rise up. In my opinion, we shouldn’t be afraid to expose ourselves to reality. The world is our oyster and we should welcome whatever life has to offer us.

What Would Jesus Do?

    Emotion (noun): a strong feeling such as love, anger, joy, hate, or fear

    Emotions tend to control our life. Wherever we go, we always feel something and that shouldn’t be avoided. It’s important to feel in order to live. Without emotions, life is bland, but sometimes,  it can all get a bit too much.

    Our emotions change on an daily basis. One moment, we could be laughing and the next moment, we could be bawling our eyes out. When we are faced with a difficult situation, our emotions take over our mind and we feel like we can’t do anything about them. We feel overwhelmed and powerless. As much as we shouldn’t hide from our feelings, they occasionally lie to us and push us to do unreasonable things. When we let them do the driving, we tend to act on our impulses and make big mistakes. We make decisions based on what we feel rather than what’s true. Not everyone is perfect and we all can be a bit careless sometimes.

    When we are going through a tough and challenging time in our lives, it’s important to learn how to control our emotions. Why? If we don’t, we will most likely explode and make wrong decisions. We may even hurt some of the people we love. For us to be able to control our emotions, we need wisdom. Wisdom is knowing, loving, and obeying God’s Word and applying that knowledge to make good decisions. God gave us emotions so that we could be more sensitive to the needs of others. He tells us to be patient and we must take our time while making decisions. Patience is the key to controlling our emotions. A patient person will welcome whatever difficulties are given to him and allow them to perfect his character. We should always pray, ask God for wisdom and patience to make the right choices.

    We shouldn’t also forget that Jesus faced the same challenges we face. The devil still pulls the same tricks and Jesus had to deal with them as well. He knows what we feel. He knows our feelings and He can be trusted with them. Before making decisions, big or small, we must ask this important question. What would Jesus do? He had the same feelings we did, but He never sinned because of them. When we are faced with tough decisions to make, we should always keep in mind that Jesus is here to help us. He’s always available when we need Him and He will always show us what we should do.

Sila’y Huwag Kalimutan

Madaming mga tao ay hindi pinapansin
Para sa kanilang mga mabubuting gawain
Kung mawala sila ng isang araw lamang
Makikita natin kung bakit sila’y kailangan

Ang mga dyanitor ay naglilinis lamang
Pero kung mawala sila
Ay makikita natin ang kanilang halaga
Mamamaho ang mga CR
At dudumi ang mga sahig
Kaya’t huwag na natin pahirapan
At pasalamatan din natin

Ang mga naglilinis ng kalye
Ay may halaga rin
Kung wala sila
Ang ating mga kalye
Ay magiging tambakan ng basura

Ang mga taong na nagtuturo sa atin
Ay tinatawag na guro
Sila’y tumutulong sa mga bata
Para tayo’y matuto

Kung wala sla
Wala tayong malalaman
Kung wala sila
Wala tayong mapupuntahan

Ito ay mga halimbawa lamang
Marami’y nakakalimutan
At mababa pa yung sweldo nila
Huwag na natin pahirapan
Sa halip ay purihin at pasalamatan

Equality For All

    There have been so many articles circling around the internet lately about equality and racism. I’ve read a few about people being killed for no apparent reason. I’ve recently seen a video of a black girl being beaten up by a police officer while she was just seated at her school desk. Coming across these issues, I can’t help but wonder how we are going to achieve world peace if we can’t even get rid of racism or inequality in our own country. I’d now like to talk about a few of these topics.

     My mom, sister, and I watch the news almost every night and I’ve noticed that there are still many issues about rape. Majority of the victims are females and most are teenagers. I don’t understand how this is still one of the top crimes out there when men and women are all equals. Our bodies shouldn’t be sold or used for pleasure. We are ALL created by God in His image and we all have the same rights.

    Speaking of rights and equality, To Kill a Mockingbird is a perfect book that talks about it and also focuses on racism. In the book, multiple characters strongly believe that white people are typically better than blacks. It also talks about how some people judge others based on their social status. In my opinion, these still occur today. If people find out that you live in the slums of some neighbourhood, they’d probably assume that you’re a criminal or a gangster when you could be the smartest kid in your class. Another reason that they may criticize you for is your religion and nationality. Nowadays, if people find out you’re a Muslim or if you’re Arabic, they’d generally think that you’re dangerous and ruthless. These could all be completely wrong. Recently, there have been a few terrorist attacks around the world by ISIS, but that doesn’t mean every Middle Eastern person is perilous. I think this is one of the biggest problems now. Just because they’re the same nationality doesn’t mean they make the same choices.

    I don’t understand why these kinds of issues still exist today. It’s 2016 and it’s a new year. It’s time we change our mindset and get rid of our judgement towards people. We could easily get rid of these problems if we all stopped degrading each other. We all have a purpose in this world no matter how difficult times could be. 2015 has just ended and another year has just started. Let’s use this opportunity to help change the world step by step.

    Here are a few videos about indifferences towards other races particularly Muslims. They helped me open my mind even more to the fact that we are all children of God even if we’re all different nationalities.

Anti-Racist Short Film

Muslim Hate: A Social Experiment In America

Blind Trust Project

Put Racism In The Right Place (short video)

Our Purpose

    Do you ever wonder what you’re here for? Why you are here on Earth? Why do you exist? What’s our purpose? Before answering those questions, let’s find out what purpose actually means.

    Purpose is the aim or goal of something. It is the reason why something is done.

    Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s get our heads focused on this topic. Many people have already found their purpose, but many are still struggling to find their calling. I am one of those and if you are too, you are definitely not alone. I’ve met quite a lot of people who have their whole life planned out. They know what college they would like to go to, what course they’re going to take, and what job they want to have in the future. As for me, I have absolutely no idea.

    There have been plenty of times where I question my existence. I would wonder if I was made to do great things or to just be in the sidelines. It was only recently where I genuinely felt like my life won’t go anywhere, but God spoke to me. He gave me an answer through a Christian Living lesson. He told me everyone is created for a reason.

    God gave us special skills and abilities and we should never hide them. We must use them to bring Him glory. Now, this is what struck me the most. We are not called to succeed all the time. We may fail, but we shouldn’t lose hope. Being a golfer who started quite late, I tend to rush things.  I want to be like those golfers you see on TV and on magazines, but I know it won’t happen immediately. The reason why this hit me is because I tend to make so many mistakes on the golf course and get upset about it. I have to keep reminding myself that to get to the top, I have to endure obstacles first. I will fail, but I won’t give up. I will fall, but I will thank God for each trial. Once I finally have a victory, I will praise Him. Through everything, He’s been by my side no matter what.

    We may not realize what life has in store for us now, but we shouldn’t worry! God has a plan for each of us and we shouldn’t lose faith.

A Review


This quarter, I’ve finally moved onto Algebra II, but the first few lessons are just reviews of the past lessons in Algebra I. I haven’t moved onto more difficult topics yet, but I’m excited to challenge and push myself even further in Math.

Why “To Kill A Mockingbird”?

    The moment I started reading To Kill A Mockingbird, I kept wondering why that was the title. I couldn’t piece together why that was chosen to be the name of the book. Many chapters in, I’ve finally learned why. Long story short, Scout and Jem received air rifles as gifts. Atticus, their father, tells them to shoot tin cans, but never shoot mockingbirds. He tells them that it is considered a sin to kill one. It’s considered a sin to kill a peaceful mockingbird because they do nothing but provide music for us. They don’t do any harm to us and we shouldn’t harm them back. “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.”

    I was very fascinated with the meaning behind the title, so I made a two artworks related to mockingbirds.


Mrs. Silence Dogood

   Who is Mrs. Silence Dogood?

    She is Benjamin Franklin. That was his pen name to get his work published in his brother’s newspaper. His articles proved to be widely popular and entertaining back in the day as his brother, who wasn’t very close with him, enjoyed them as well. As you all know, Franklin is not only a writer, but he is an inventor, too. He gave us the lightning rod, bifocals, swim fins, and much more. He even gave us some well-known quotes that may help us through our daily life.

    I decided to pick out some of my favorite quotes and add a bit of art into them.