Liebster Award

   Guess what everyone? I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Lianna from Hide The Blues. The award has such a fancy name, to be honest. Basically, I have to answer eleven questions Lianna gave me. Afterwards, I nominate other bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer.

   Well, this will be extra-fun!


   What was the last book you read? How was it? 
   Perfect timing for this question. A few days ago, I finished the 6th book of Harry Potter which is Half-Blood Prince. It was absolutely amazing! It’s actually my favorite book. Right now, I’m reading Deathly Hallows.

   Who is your favorite member of The Beatles? 
   Asking a hardcore Beatles fan this question is nonsense. Anyways, I’ve got to choose, don’t I? It’s a toss between George Harrison and John Lennon. They’re amazing! But wait, there’s Paul and Ringo! I can’t choose.

   If you were to attain citizenship from another country, which one would it be and why? 
   Great question! I would either attain citizenship from either Italy and England. Italy because it’s the home of my two favorite foods: pizza and pasta. England because it’s the land of Doctor Who and British YouTubers. Come on.

  What is/are your favorite genre/s of music and a favorite song from that/those genres? 
   I really love country and alternative rock. My favorite country song would be Home by Philip Phillips and my favorite alternative rock song would be…On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons. Although, I’m open to listening to any kind of music except for rap and metal.

  Who is your favorite superhero from The Avengers (if not, who is your favorite superhero in general)? 
  I generally love Iron Man. Enough is said.

   Share a favorite video you’ve seen on YouTube.
   Again, asking this question to a girl who goes on YouTube in her spare time is impossible. But, here we go!

   The video(s) that makes me laugh: Connor Franta – 25 Different Animal Impressions
                                                          MisterEpicMann – How Animals Eat Their Food

   The video that makes me just break out in song – IM5 – Disney Dudez

   The channels that I love to go to everytime – ConnorFranta, JacksGap, IM5band, PointlessBlog,
                                                                         MarcusButlerTV, and (add all British YouTubers here)
  What is your favorite native food? 
  I love my dad’s adobo! Pastillas is also my favorite sweet. Generally, Filipino food is amazing. <3

  If you were given a piece of paper, what would you do with it? 
  I would doodle on it or tear them to very tiny pieces and put them at the backs of people’s shirts. Yep.

  What is your favorite song to play on an instrument you know how to play (if not, sing)? 
  I love playing Blackbird by The Beatles, Home by Philip Philipps, and Granger Danger by the cast of A Very Potter Musical on the guitar. If all of you don’t know A Very Potter Musical, it is obviously a musical produced by Starkid. It’s amazing! You should all check them out on YouTube.

  Which one do you prefer more: cinema or theatre? 
  I love them both so much.

  What is a phrase you use really often? 
  Right now, I use “There we go!” a lot. A LOT.

 Here are my nominees: 
Here are my questions: 
If your voice was a candle scent, what would it smell like?
Share two quotes from movies you absolutely love.
What is your favorite place to go to?
What is your favorite animal that most people don’t really know? For example, a quokka or a chincilla.
What are your top five songs for a rainy day?
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Would you rather be with 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck?
If you were the size of a mouse, what would you do?
What are your favorite YouTube videos in these categories: music, comedy, and just-for-entertainment 
Would you want to change something in your life? If so, what? 
What is that one word that fascinates you? 


Lianna, You’re A Teen!


   Who’s a teenager now? Well, my good friend, Lianna! I met her last year at a CISV summer minicamp. I got close to her because she likes One Direction, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and she loves the Hunger Games. No, I didn’t forget her after minicamp. I either chat (with) or text her almost everyday. I don’t really get to see her that often because of school and I live far from where she lives. 
    Within a year of knowing her, I learned that she loves The Beatles, shoots with film cameras, and has the same mindset as me.  She’s a Whovian too! A Whovian is a person who watches Doctor Who,  the most amazing sci-fi television show ever. My sister and I are obsessed with it that everything we do or say, we immediately relate it to Doctor Who. Lianna and I plan to dress up as one of the characters in the show for Halloween. But then, my sister wants to join and we found out that our other friend also watches Doctor Who. We all decided to dress up as one of the characters and have a DW (Doctor Who) party! 
    Hello Lianna! Thank you for being there for me all the way. Thanks for having the time to read my rants, my fangirl messages, and my Doctor Who feelings. You’re absolutely amazing! Let’s meet up soon and watch our favorite DW episodes and our favorite movies? Haha, anyways, Ate Arielle and I still want to adopt you because you’re exactly like us and you’re awesome. Oh yeah, let’s build a TARDIS……with cardboard. Then, we shall talk about all the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Yes, we must. Allons-y! (Hihi, I used your Silence picture.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGEL BOB/LIANNA! God bless! 🙂 
P.S. I’m sorry for the late blog post because I went to Manila. 

5 Days On An Island

   Last April 22-26, my sister, 4 friends (Nicole, Enzo, Simone, and Ate Audrey), and I(Nicole, Enzo, Simone, and Ate Audrey) were sent to an island full of different species of birds and fish for a Youth Marine And Wildlife Camp. What island? Danjugan Island in Bacolod, Philippines! During those 5 extra-fun days, we had no electricity, extra-cold water, and slept on mattresses covered in mosquito nets. The mosquito nets prevent mosquitoes, ants, and any kind of insect to bother us when we sleep. I honestly don’t know how to describe how it looks like, but thankfully, we have pictures! 
  During those days, I learned a lot of new things and met amazing friends. What did I learn? I learned about dangerous sea creatures, corals, birds, bats, and fish. We also learned some basic things to do when you or your friend got hurt. I learned so much things that it would take too long to explain! Who did I meet? I met lots of new friends, but only some of them are my close friends today. Jade and Nacho are my close friends now. They’re so much fun to hang out with and there’s no boring moment with them. The staffers were fun to talk to also!

   Last April 25, it was my 12th birthday. That meant I celebrated it in camp! For me, the fourth day was the best because we had so much activities to do. We also slept under the stars, played truth or dare with other friends, and sang songs until 3 A.M. We were supposed to watch an eclipse that was going to happen at 3:30 A.M., but we all crashed 30-minutes before. I had the best time ever in camp! It was extra-fun and enjoyable. I would really want to go back next year and maybe invite more friends to go. Everything we did in camp was super awesome! The people I met and the things I learned were amazing too. To end this post, I am going to give you guys a quote a staffer gave us, campers, that I wouldn’t forget.

If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance. 

Our beds! {Ignore the messy-ness please!) 


From left to right: Nacho, me, my sister, and Nicole

Manong Kalayo or as we call him, Manong Bob!

Staffers from left to right: Manong Mykee, Manang Dana, Manong Jay

Left to right: me, Jade, and Maui
Camp photo!

NOTE: I’m so sorry for not being able to post in a while! I’ve been busy with loads of stuff. 


Palawan 2013


   “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” For all those who watch Finding Nemo, this is a very famous phrase. This is also the phrase I kept saying to myself last March 26-29. Why? My best friend, Lauryn, and her family {Tita Lyndee, Tito Brad, and Brandon. Tita/Tito are what we call our elders or relatives) went with me and my family to Palawan, Philippines! We stayed at Club Paradise and we had loads of fun. The water was really clear and cool. The sand was white and not too milky, which is what I wanted. The only thing that bothered us was that there were a lot of jellyfish. All of us got stung by the tiny ones and luckily, we didn’t get stung by those big ones. 

   Aside from swimming, me, Lauryn, and Tita Lyndee went diving with my family. First, we went intro dive where a dive instructor taught us some basic things to learn about diving. Then, we finally dove in the beautiful ocean! Right after my first dive, I wanted to be a certified diver. I can’t believe I said that I wouldn’t dive! 
   Not only that, we also went on a Coron island tour. We went to Kayangan Lake, Siete Picados Marine Park, Twin Lagoon, and  Maquinit Hot Springs. After, we were able to catch some part of the sunset and we even saw about hundreds of bats going out from their “homes” to gather food. They usually go out at about 6 PM. 
   We also met four foreign friends. Ivina and Christina or Kristina are from Russia. Olivia is from South Africa and Julio is from Brazil. The last night of the trip, Lauryn, Brandon, and I were really hyper that we were laughing at everything. We were playing darts and ping pong while laughing our heads off! Julio even joined in! We had loads of fun and laughs, so I’m sure it won’t be forgotten.
   This trip was absolutely wonderful. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t forget all the fun moments I had and the friends I made. I can’t wait for next year’s trip!

   (It’s time to break the blog hiatus! I’ve been really busy that I wasn’t able to post these a while back. Now, I’m back to blogging!)

A New Cupcake Discovery

   Recently, I discovered a new cupcake store called Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe. It’s like Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Once you enter the store, it has a DC Cupcakes feel to it, but VCB has a vintage  going on. The first thing I did when I entered the store is smell the place. It smells like buttercream frosting and I love buttercream frosting! I thought, “Okay, the food here is going to be good.” I was right. My family and my Tito Alfie ate lunch there and the food was amazing! I ordered the Mushroom Truffle pasta and it was delicious. I liked the garlic bread, too. 
    It’s obvious that we had to order cupcakes before we left the store, so we did. My sister ordered the Chocolate Chip Cookie cupcake {or should I say muffin?} and I ordered the Valrhona cupcake. I couldn’t remember the exact name. Oops. I took photos of the cupcakes with Kodie before someone took a bite because they looked awesome. Right after I did, my sister and I instantly took a bite of our cupcakes. And oh my, it was…no words to describe how good it was. The icing of my cupcake was a bit bitter for me, but the cupcake itself was delicious. My parents loved the taste so my mom said that we could go back and bring home a box of 6 cupcakes! Since my sister had scuba diving lessons that day, we had to wait. {boo} 
    Right after the lessons, we went back to Larcy’s. We ordered the Cookies & Cream, Old Fashioned, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Valrhona, and two more cupcakes. I couldn’t remember the names because I didn’t try them. The Cookies & Cream and the Old Fashioned cupcakes are my favorite! There’s going to be a Pastillas De Leche flavored cupcake soon and I’m definitely trying it because I love pastillas. Larcy’s is in BF Paranaque {there’s a ~ on top of the n} along Aguirre Street. You have got to try it. Really. It’s amazing.
   P.S. Lianna! We should chill here next time hehe 
   P.P.S. My dad ordered a box of 12 cupcakes yesterday!! 🙂 

Sunday’s Best

   Fun. The word to describe last Sunday. Why? My dad, sister, and I spent the afternoon in the golf driving range taking photos and hitting some golf balls. My sister and I took the first few photos with Kodie (Minolta XG-E), too! Why the driving range? Whenever it’s late afternoon, the sunset is B-E-A utiful.
   From 4:00 PM to about…6:00 PM, my sister was taking photos with Kodie and the Nikon. In the meantime, I was playing golf. She was even teasing me when I miss some balls or if it doesn’t fly. But hey, I’m still learning! Anyhoo, last Sunday was the best. Taking photos and playing golf were two of the things I always enjoy doing. 🙂
   P.S. All the photos here are taken by my sister and I just edited them.


Hi, it’s me. Oh look it’s my dad in the background. The one in blue. 

Golf shoe


And it’s me again. Hi. 



   Minolta XG-E. Precious, precious thing. My sister and I recently got this and we’re having so much fun! We both finished our first roll of film and now, we need it developed! I’m too excited to see the prints. Too excited, indeed. Call us old school, but we really appreciate things from the past.

Crafting To The Max


   Scissors, carving tools, pendants, thread, and washi tape. Those are just some of the materials I used two weekends ago. Why? I attended two workshops in a row! First was the Rubber Stamping Workshop of Life After Breakfast. I attended with my mom and sister. I really enjoyed the workshop because you make your own stamps out of rubber blocks or rubber erasers. I actually made 10 all in all. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, too.
   The next workshop I attended was the Hey Kessy Washi Jewelry Workshop last Saturday. The best thing was I got to attend it with my close friend and blog buddy, Lianna! Anyhoo, we both had loads of fun. We got to pick two rolls of washi tape to use. She picked rolls with flower designs. I picked a blue striped roll and a zigzag roll. I even bought five rolls of washi tape afterwards. {hehe} The bad thing is…most of the materials and trinkets we used are from Quiapo or Divisoria. I’m hoping that I could go to either one of the places soon, so that I can buy more of the materials and make more necklaces!

Carving tools from the Rubber Stamping Workshop

Three of the stamps I made! 🙂

Pendants with washi tape

Necklaces! 🙂

Lianna‘s tape 


Containers of syrup

  International House Of Pancakes. Yes, it’s finally here in the Philippines! They opened a week ago and my family ate there the day after they opened. We couldn’t eat meat because it was on a Friday. Ash Wednesday was just two days before. The “rules” are that Catholics/Christians should abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all Fridays of Lent. Anyway, IHOP’s menu looked so good! Steak, omeletes, bacon, pancakes {obviously haha} etc. It’s a good thing they had a few dishes that didn’t have meat, but I’m pretty sure 3/4 of their menu are dishes had.
   Once we entered the restaurant, there was a long line.  For a restaurant that just opened, wow! We were supposed to eat there for lunch, but believe me, the line was even longer. Anyway, IHOP had these Americans who were guiding the Filipino trainees/staff. They literally looked very stressed. {Plus, the aircon wasn’t working which made it worse} They were even fanning themselves with the menus! {Hahaha}
   My mom and dad ordered this toast with spread and syrup on top. I couldn’t remember the exact name. My sister ordered Chocolate Chip Pancakes and I ordered Grilled Cheese Sandwich. For drinks, my sister had water, my parents had coffee, and I had orange juice! While we were eating, we were looking around and the guy at the table beside us was eating egg and bacon. Our reaction? I couldn’t describe it. While we were looking around, there were staff walking in every direction hoping that everything they had to train for would go as planned. Their hard work paid off though! The food was absolutely delicious and the restaurant was full. Trust me, I would definitely want to go back. For the Filipinos out there who want to try IHOP, it’s right beside California Pizza Kitchen at BGC. 🙂
Parents’ order

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

My Own Style

   I’ve finally reached the stage where I am starting to look for my own style in what I wear. I found these two sites or online stores that sell awesome tween clothes! The first one is The Lost Girls. The thing is…they’re only located in Australia. {insert sobbing here} Their clothes are exactly my style and what I want. If only they had an online shop, then I would definitely beg my parents to get me clothes from there. Anyway, the second one is Sofiabella. I really like the clothes. Really. I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking for clothes like The Lost Girls and Sofiabella soon.

   Now, I’ve been wanting to have a pair or two of boots. Guess what? My mom introduced an online shop where you can find boots, booties, formal shoes, casual shoes, and others. Its name is DSW. I found a pair or two of ankle boots I absolutely love. I do hope that I would get to find clothes my style and that I would be able to get a pair of ankle boots soon. Photos of the clothes are below. 
(All the photos are not mine)

I only like the design of the shirt here. The shorts? Uhm…no, not that much.


The shorts are cool. They should be a bit longer though.  Shirt? No, don’t like it that much cause it’s too showy.