Our Lolo Kiko

    Throughout this whole post, I’m going to tell you about someone who has made others smile, laugh, and even cry. No, he’s not a celebrity or even a band member. Makes you think, right? The person I’m going to talk about is none other than Pope Francis, one who has given hope to many people.

    Did you know his name is actually Jorge Mario Bergoglio? He is more commonly known as Francis or Pope Francis nowadays. He was born in Argentina on December 17, 1936 and if I did the maths correctly, he is 78 or 79 years old. You might think that he served the church ever since he was a child, but believe it or not, he worked as a bouncer for a night club. Pretty different to what he’s doing now, right? Aside from that, he even had a childhood sweetheart. He wrote her a letter once saying that he would like to marry her and if she didn’t say yes, he would become a priest! Well, I think we all know how that turned out.

    He’s now a pope. With him being the head of the Catholic church, he has quite a lot of quotable quotes. In my opinion, quotes inspire me because they show how words can be powerful and how they can motivate you to do something great. On that note, I’ve decided to collect three of Pope Francis’s sayings that I am fond of:

1) Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things! 

2) To change the world, we must be good to those who cannot repay us. 

3) If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?

    To me, these quotes are what I think we should all remember.