The 3 M’s

    For this 2nd and 3rd quarter in Statistics and Probability, I’ve learned how to get the mean, median, and mode of a grouped data. (The 3 m’s!) It’s honestly pretty difficult to create something for this subject because you need past data or collected data already, but I’m excited to learn more! Without statistics, it’s going to be difficult to make decisions from a data that was collected. For example, you use statistics to get the average grade from a test so you know how the students are performing!

    The pictures below basically summarize what I’ve learned so far.


Earth Without Art Is Just “Eh”

    In my family, I’m the sporty one so I’m not quite the artist. I wasn’t very interested and focused in art until this year.

    When I started using pastel, I gained more interest in art and started enjoying it more! I also gained much more confidence in art and I now am not ashamed to try new things. These artworks are honestly my favourite ones that I’ve done so far and I’m proud of them. Click “Continue Reading” to see them!


What Is God Like?

    What if one of your friends asked the question, “What is God like?” What would you answer? He is definitely my best friend and someone who I can always count on, so I think I actually have an answer for that question.

    First of all, He is omnipresent. Omnipresent means that He is always present. If we are at a point in our lives where we feel left out or alone, we must always remember that Someone is always open for a chat. I bet that everyone has had the thought that God’s not listening or He’s not there, but He’s always with us. He’s always there for us no matter what.

   Second, He is omniscient, meaning He is all-knowing. He keeps an eye on us 24/7 and we can never hide anything from Him. Come on, there are 7 billion people in the world and He knows what each one is doing. Isn’t that amazing? We think that we can hide something from Him, but no. He knows the past, the present, and the future. This may be random, but people are like mushrooms. As you may not know, the part of the mushroom that is visible to the eye isn’t the main part. That’s just the fruiting body while the main part is actually hidden under the soil and is called the mycelium. When you think you’ve killed the mushroom by pulling the fruiting body out, you’re wrong. The mycelium is still there, meaning, it could reproduce. That’s like us and sin. We think that we’re godly already, but we may be hiding hatred, anger, or bad thoughts. If we confess most of our sins but still leave some out, those that you’re hiding could still grow and become worse.


Pare-Pareho Tayo Sa Mga Mata Ng Diyos

     Ang Florante at Laura ay isang sikat na kuwento sa aking bansa. Ang istorya na ito ay tungkol sa isang lalaki na ang pangalan ay Florante at ang kanyang mahal na si Laura. Si Florante ay ipinadala ng isang masamang tao sa madilim at mapanglaw na gubat kung saang takot ang nangingibabaw. Sino ba yung masamang tao na iyon? Siya ay si Konde Adolfo, ang pangunahing kontrabida sa storya.

    Syempre naman, mayroong mga ibang importanteng tauhan at isa sa mga iyon ay si Aladin. Sino siya at anong ginawa niya? Noong nasa gubat si Florante, nakatali siya sa isang puno at hindi siya makawala. Tiyak na mayroong mga nakakatakot na hayop sa gubat kaya dalawang leon nga ang nakakita kay Florante na nakatali sa puno. Noong panahong iyon, umiiyak si Florante at sinasabi na nakalimutan na siya ni Laura. Si Laura lang daw ang makakagaling ng kanyang mga sugat. Ang kanyang mga luha ay makakagaling sa kanyang katawan.

    Napakinggan si Aladin ang mga sinasabi ni Florante at naawa siya sa kanya. Nakita niya na malapit na siyang mamatay sa mga kamay ng leon kaya niligtas niya si Florante. Noong nakita ni Florante ang kanyang tagapagligtas, nabigla siya. Bakit? Muslim si Aladin at Kristyano si Florante. Sa pagkakaintindi ko ng istorya, hindi dapat magtulungan ang mga Muslim at ang mga Kristyano.

    Ganito ba dapat sa totoong buhay? Para sa akin, hindi. Kahit iba ang mga relihiyon ng ibang tao, dapat magtulungan pa rin tayo sa isa’t isa at magmahalan dahil ito ang utos ng Diyos. Iba’t iba ang mga paniniwala natin pero sa katapusan, iisang Diyos ang sinasamba natin.

    Hindi natin kailangan hatulan ang mga taong may ibang relihiyon. Pareho lang kasi tayong lahat! May mga kamay, mga paa, mga mata, at mga puso. Walang pagkakaiba sa atin kahit iba ang pinaniniwalaan natin.

    Dapat natin tanggalin ang lahat ng paghusga sa mga tao na may ibang relihiyon at magsimula ng sariwa. Bakit? Iyan ang gusto ng Diyos para sa mga tao at iyan ang dapat gawin natin.

World War II

    World War II is a significant historical event, don’t you think?

    Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party during the war. The Nazis went across Europe persecuting Jewish people. Family members or friends had to risk their lives to protect Jews, so that the Nazi soldiers wouldn’t find them and take them away. If you were in the position where one of your close friends or your family member was being hunted down, what would you do? I bet you’d risk your life just to protect them as well.

    I’ve read Number The Stars before and right now, I’m reading The Book Thief which are both set in World War II. With what I’ve read so far in The Book Thief, I must admit that what the Nazis have done to Jews was pretty gruesome. During those times, there were countless deaths. Not only Jews were affected, but those who decided to help hid them were killed as well.

    Do you ever think of what would happen if a World War III came to be? (Hopefully it won’t!!) I’m pretty sure you’d ask the world why these things happen. Why do fights exist? That is the outcome of the Fall, which is when sin entered God’s Creation. Before the Fall, humans were at ease with one another. No one had anger or hate in their hearts. Imagine a world without humans fighting, without war, without disharmony, and where we’d be able to talk face-to-face with the Lord. In my mind, I see that as heaven, but someone’s coming to restore that to Earth. Jesus! He will return and we all have to be prepared.

    This may not be the lesson I’m learning in Asian History, but this is a great historical event everyone must learn about. To be honest, I’m not into reading about wars, but I’m enjoying reading about it! History is starting to intrigue me and if someone tells you to read a history book, don’t hesitate. You’ll definitely learn so much about the world, so go ahead. Pick up a history book and read about humanity.

The Fall

   You might be wondering what I’m talking about. Falling from a bike? Falling from a tree? Actually, it’s neither of those. What I’m talking about has caused pain for us humans. Yes, falling from a bike or a tree can give the same feeling, but it’s not as great as the pain that is caused by the Fall.

   What is it then? The Fall is the moment sin entered God’s Creation. It was the moment Adam and Eve bit from a fruit of the forbidden tree. That’s when everything changed when sin entered the world.

    “It’s all Adam and Eve’s fault! All pain and hardships on this earth wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for them,” we say. That’s actually one of the consequences of the Fall. Humans started pointing fingers at others because we are afraid of punishment.  We started blaming one another to avoid taking responsibility for our own actions. We also aren’t able to walk or talk face-to-face with the Lord anymore.

   Now that we know what happened when disharmony or sin entered God’s Creation, what do you think would life be like when the Fall didn’t happen? What wouldn’t exist? Ever since we learned about it, my mom, my sister, and I keep having sudden conversations about this. Quite a few examples are listed below.

    Dermatologists, doctors, and dentists wouldn’t exist. Why? Before the Fall, we never felt ashamed of ourselves. We never felt like we needed to change a part of our body. We were satisfied with the way we looked. Doctors and dentists wouldn’t also exist because sicknesses never existed before sin entered God’s Creation. We were a healthy bunch! For example, eyeglasses and braces won’t have to be a part of this world! Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Wars, murder, crime, guns, knives, and rape. When you read those words, what do you think of? What do you feel? Don’t you feel terrible? Why do those have to exist? Why can’t we all get along? What causes those? Arguments, hate, and anger. Before the Fall, humans never fought with other humans. We were all at ease with one another. Before sin entered Creation, the world was a peaceful place.

    This may be out of the blue, but history books wouldn’t exist either. Why? What do you usually read about? Wars and death, right? Those never existed before the Fall. If sin never entered the Earth, no one would die. No one would fight and kill each other. No one would even have to make weapons just to use them against those who are like themselves.

    What you’ve read is just the tip of the iceberg. In my mind, there’s a list of things that wouldn’t exist if the Fall didn’t happen although I have a question.

Would countries exist?

    What purpose do countries serve? They separate the citizens from other surrounding countries, right? If the Fall never happened, we’d all be united. We would all be at peace with one another. We won’t need to separate ourselves from others.

    You might be wondering if our lives would be like this for the rest of our lives. No! Someone important is going to return to the world. His name is Jesus. All we have to do is accept Him, talk to Him, and…

Trust Him.

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace”

– John Lennon – Imagine by John Lennon