For Life


    Earlier this year, my mom made my sister and I take probiotics pills. At first, I didn’t exactly know the reason behind her choice so I just shrugged. I was pretty hesitant about it because it was an added medicine to take everyday. All she said was that it would promote a healthy digestive system and with a healthy digestive system comes a healthy body.

    This year, I’m learning about Biology and I thought it would be fitting to research and talk about probiotics for this portfolio. Here we go!

    As you all know, there are so much bacteria in the world. You may think that they’re all pathogenic which are disease-causing bacteria, but no. There are also beneficial bacteria! One example is the probiotics. They are are beneficial bacteria that are believed to improve our health. I’ve also read that the word probiotic means “for life” or “promoting life”.

    Probiotics aid us in many ways. They help maintain a healthy digestive tract as well as filter and eliminate things that can damage it. These little organisms can help us prevent constipation and diarrhea. To be able to take nutrients in our body, we need to digest food. If our digestive system is not healthy or isn’t working properly, we could probably get sick quite often because we’d lack nutrients.

    I’ve also read that they can help prevent tooth decay! They also have quite an impact on our immune system. As you all know, our immune system is our protection against germs. If it is weak, we’d suffer from colds, cough, allergies, and other sicknesses.

    Before researching about probiotics, I never knew that they could be so helpful to our health. Now that I know how beneficial they are, I’m now not going to hesitate whenever I need to take them. I’d say to myself, “Kayla…for life!!!”

The Index Card Project

    What is the Index Card Project? Yes, it’s a project that involves index cards, but it’s more than that. 

    My sister was originally the one who thought of the idea and I decided to join in. The purpose of this project is to spread happiness through short, little notes on index cards. It’s not just any kind of note, but inspirational quotes or a sentence that could make someone’s day a little bit better. Now, there’s a slight twist. Instead of giving these notes to people we know personally, we decided to leave what we made in public places. That makes it even more interesting because we don’t know who would come across it.

    As you all know, Robin Williams has sadly passed away. He lost his battle with depression and took his own life. I do think more people have been more aware of the effects of depression because of this sad event. I honestly am now more aware because I never knew that it could be that serious. I never knew that depression could do that to you. As the famous saying goes, “The happiest people are the saddest.”

    This is one of the reasons why I want to continue this project. Why? Everyone needs a bit of sunshine in their life. These notes could make someone feel better about themselves and probably remove some weight off their shoulders. I’ve actually left the note in the picture above in an elevator. I do hope someone has found it! The next note I want to write would be Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”). That’s a very powerful verse which can maybe help someone. It is also one of my favorites.

    These little notes can brighten someone’s day and hopefully put a smile to someone’s face. I now encourage you guys to join the movement!

Japan Adventures


    Traveling is, for sure, one of the best experiences on earth. The feeling of exploring a new place you’ve never been to is beyond words. Don’t you feel that rush of excitement taking over your body when you hear the people talk in their own language?

    I’m so grateful that I’ve been around the country and out of the country. As my parents would say, my sister and I are very much privileged. I’m so thankful for the blessings I have been showered with and will forever be appreciative of everything my parents have done for us.

    Ever since before, to travel around the world has always been on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy, France, Thailand, Korea, UK, Ireland, Scotland, etc.

    What I decided to do was to make a “mini” travel itinerary for Japan. Japan has always been on my list of countries to visit, so here we go!


Five Responsibilities

    Responsibility is knowing and doing what God and others are expecting of me.

    As I am finally a teen, I have added responsibilities. For example: washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, setting the table, etc. From time to time, I usually grumble or make excuses which is not what I’m supposed to do. If I want to become a responsible teenager, I have to do all my work to the best of my abilities without making excuses.

    When you’re responsible, you gain trust from others. People would see that you’re capable of doing greater tasks and rely on you to do them. As we all grow older ever minute, we need to prove to people that we are trustworthy and reliable.

    I’ve listed down five responsibilities of mine and decided to try out Canva with it. My design is the picture below!

Technology Takes Over

    As you’re reading this, it’s the 21st century. Of course, you all know that. A ton of us have our own mobiles/tablets and social media accounts. We’re practically being taken over by technology. The question is…have you ever thought of how we’d be able to survive without computers?

    I’m currently reading a book called The Sign of the Beaver. Matt, the main character, was left by his family to guard their cabin in the wilderness. The story takes place in 1768 and do you think they have gadgets? Nope. Matt basically has to hunt for his food, build his own weapons, and cook his meals on his own. He also meets two Indians who help him polish his survival skills while he teaches one of them to read. In my words, the book is basically Matt’s survival story. As I was scanning through the book, I wondered, “What if the 21st century humans jumped back in time? How would we live without technology?”. It definitely would be quite difficult for this generation.

    Why would it be difficult? Well, it has come to my attention that there are a lot of kids who don’t look away from their gadgets or perhaps hold a book and read. Sometimes, there are children who play games on their tablet in church. It saddens me how society has definitely changed due to technology.

    There are a shedload of ways to entertain ourselves that is not the television or Twitter or video games. Instead of playing Draw Something, why don’t we literally draw something? Instead of playing Just Dance, why don’t we join a dance workshop? For me, it genuinely feels GREAT to take a break from the internet from time to time.

    From this day on, I would like to reduce the amount of time I spend on the computer and accomplish more activities in the real world. Now, I challenge you to do the same.

I’m Back!

  Hello everyone! I’ve returned from the depths of the blogging underworld. Literally. I haven’t posted over the summer and to be honest, I feel quite bad. Have you noticed something different about my blog though? It now has a .com! Isn’t that great? Hopefully, with this blog, I’d be able to improve my writing, not just blog about academic things, and most importantly: to blog more frequently.