Pre-Algebra Problems

     For Math, I am doing Pre-Algebra. It’s definitely tougher than the past math topics I’ve been doing, but Teaching Textbooks, my math textbook, makes it so much easier. I’ve been using Teaching Textbooks for quite a long time now and I’m pretty used to the problems that I answer. I decided to answer math questions out of my math textbook, so I could get used to other problems. Thankfully, I’m doing better than I expected. 

His Phenomenal Wonders

     Do you ever sit down and just think about how amazing and powerful God is? Is it part of your thoughts before you go to sleep?  I do. God has done so many things that just make me wonderstruck. Two of those are His miracles and the amount of followers He has. Why?

     Can an average person, like me, perform miracles? No, but God can! He is extraordinary and amazing. My favorite miracles would have to be Jesus Feeds Five Thousand (Mark 6: 30-44) and Jesus Heals A Boy With A Demon (Matthew 17: 14-20). Why? It’s amazing how He fed five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Doesn’t it make you wonder? It also stuns me how Jesus can drive a demon out of a boy. Average people, like me, cannot do that! God is so powerful that He can do anything. Doesn’t it take your breath away? 
     As most (or maybe even all) of you know, Jesus was born in a manger. He was born in such simple surroundings and acted like a normal person. There was one special thing about Him though. He is the child of God and He has followers. By followers, I mean Christians, Catholics, etc. There are also people who give their lives to Christ and they are called saints. My favorite saint would have to be Blessed Brother Andre because he was known for his sense of humor. Research shows that laughter strengthens the immune system. It refreshes us from our troubles which allows us to connect with God more. 
     Speaking of connecting with God, I have been building up my relationship with God ever since I’ve been going to an event called Elevate. Elevate gives you a chance to get closer with God. For the past few days, a lot of things has been going through my mind. One of those things is that it’s portfolio week and I bet every homeschooler agrees that portfolio week can be stressful. With that happening right now, I decide to lift my day up to the Lord and let Him be in charge of it. Since I know that God has done many great and astounding things, I know He can help me with all my troubles and He can help you, too! You don’t need to see to believe, but you can definitely believe to see. 

Sketchy Sketches


Church burning down.

Kristoff sketches. They’re not perfect, but this was my favorite one to do.


Another Olaf artwork!
     For Art, my topic was form. Since Frozen was definitely in that time (even up to now), I decided to do some Frozen artworks. My favorite one to do was the Kristoff sketches. Why? I didn’t actually plan to make sketches of the characters, but I picked up my pencil and started drawing faces. After a few minutes, I finally said to myself “Yep. I’m making Frozen artworks.” Despite the fact that these aren’t perfect, they look pretty good to me.

Bilbo Who?

     Far over the misty mountains gold
To dungeons deep and caverns cold
We must away, ere break of day, 
To find our long forgotten gold.

     If you are wondering where those lyrics are from, it’s from the book I’ve chosen to read for this quarter which is The Hobbit. I’m not really a Lord Of The Rings fan, but I decided to read The Hobbit. I’m a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, so I was determined to read something different. Since the two book series are quite similar, it seems like I would enjoy the book. 
     I’ve read the first few chapters and I’ve been enjoying it so far! I’m just a bit confused with the story and the characters. Since every book has a main character, who is the main character here?
     If you read the title, you would probably guess that the “star” of the book is a hobbit. You are right! The main character, a hobbit, named Bilbo Baggins. He lives in a comfortable and peaceful hobbit hole in The Hill. His father is Bungo Baggins. His mother is Belladonna Took. The Bagginses and the Tooks are actually the exact opposite of each other. The Bagginses prefer a life of ease and comfort while the Tooks seek out adventure. Bilbo was like his father until Gandalf and the dwarves stepped into his home. Once they told stories of their adventures, Bilbo was starting to become like his mother. He wanted to go on the adventure with them. Guess what? He did. He stepped out of his comfort zone and tried new things. 
     For me, I would have to be a “Bilbo” more in terms of food. I must admit, I am a picky eater. If I try this type of food and I love it, I tend to stick to it and eat it for the rest of my life.  I need to be a “Bilbo”. I need to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I would definitely LOVE to try out new things and not just stick to what I know. 
     I’m very excited to read the next chapters of The Hobbit and if you’re looking for adventures, I suggest you read this! 

A Japanese Tale In The Eyes Of My Grandparents

Church burning down
     A few questions I asked them were, “What happened?” or “Did you experience any fights or saw any?”. My grandfather said that there was once a woman who helped his family by giving them food. The Japanese controlled the food supply back then, so once they caught her, she was killed. He also added that the Japanese once let people go in a church “freely”. They probably thought that they were starting to be nice to them, so they went in. What they didn’t know was that after all of the people stepped inside, the Japanese closed the doors and burned the church down. He also said that he and his family had to move to another place, quite far from where his home town was, for safety. 
     My grandmother didn’t have as much stories as my grandfather, but it was still wonderful to learn about her experience. She told me that her neighbors were actually Japanese people! She said that they were actually very nice and friendly, but they had some bombs and arms in their house. She mentioned that they once saw a pig on the loose nearby. They caught it, cut it open, and ate it raw. That probably says how scanty food was back then. 
     What intrigued me the most is that my grandparents said that the Japanese built so many secret tunnels back in the day. My grandfather said that there was a tunnel near his old home and it probably still exists! I’m hoping it does because it would be really cool to take photos of it and just observe the surroundings. There could be so much history in it! 
     After my grandparents told me about the bad things that occurred, I had a picture on how devastated the Philippines was and the atrocities that probably happened. The Japanese was in control of the food and if one person disobeyed a Japanese soldier or disobeyed the rules, they probably have done something miserable to him or her. It could be either torture or death. What’s worse is that after the war, we were left with tragic memories and destroyed country. I’m grateful that my country has risen up from those memories and is much better now. I’m so thankful that my grandparents got me so interested in Philippine History and were in a good mood to tell me their stories. 

Cotton Balls In The Sky

     As a kid, I used to look up to the sky and distinguish what shapes I could make with the clouds. As I almost turn thirteen, I still do that when I’m in the car if I don’t fall asleep. However, have you ever thought of the types of clouds? 

     First off, what are clouds? Clouds are groups of condensed water vapor in the atmosphere. There are four basic types of clouds: cirrus, cumulus, stratus, and lenticular.
     Cirrus clouds are the clouds at the top of the troposphere. The air is very cold at the top of the troposphere, that the clouds are actually made of really tiny ice crystals. This is why they have a feathery appearance.
     Cumulus clouds are basically cotton balls in the sky. They’re fluffy and they look like mounds of cotton on top of each other. 
     Stratus clouds form very low in the sky. They basically look like layers in the sky. 
     Lenticular clouds are usually shaped like an oval and they usually form in the mountain region.
      If the prefix “alto” is added to either of the four group names, it means the cloud is found at a higher altitude than normal. If a prefix of “nimbo” or suffix of “nimbus” is added, the cloud is dark. Usually, dark clouds are specifically the ones that bring rain. Some clouds are also a mix of two groups. For example: cirrocumulus clouds have the feathery appearance of a cirrus cloud, but they form puffs like cumulus clouds. 
     Today, I decided to step out of my house, snap some shots of the clouds, and try to identify what category they fall under. 

These look like stratocumulus clouds. They seemed low in the sky and they formed quite small “puff” shapes.
These are cumulus clouds. 
For me, they look like a cross between cirrus and cumulus clouds. They have the feathery appearance, but they aren’t like the typical cirrus clouds. They seem to have formed quite a “puff”, too.
Another  pair of cumulus clouds! 
     Unfortunately, the sky was mostly filled with cumulus clouds. I wasn’t able to spot some lenticular or stratus clouds in general. Hopefully, in the next few days, I could be able to spot some clouds that aren’t the usual fluffy, puffy, cotton balls I see. I’m hoping that I can see different types of clouds in the sky and maybe even make some shapes with them!

Alexander The Great


Source: here

     Have you ever thought of just giving up? All you want to do is give up because you know you don’t stand a chance or you’re stressed? There were definitely some instances where I had thought of it. One instance was my golf tournament. The girls I was playing with were really good and I thought, “Wow. I don’t think I can beat them. They seem to be old timers and I’m just a beginner.” During that situation, I built up my confidence and pushed through. I remembered that I didn’t come here to win, but I came here for the experience.

     Imagine if you were in a war and you’re marching with your army. You suddenly see your enemy and his army. Wouldn’t you feel like giving up? I know I would. Alexander the Great didn’t. Who is Alexander the Great? Well, he was one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. He was born a natural soldier and he has defeated the Persian army so many times. He DID NOT give up. Alexander the Great pushed through, and look! He has never lost a battle. Isn’t that amazing?  
     Alexander didn’t just defeat the Persians, but he also conquered other cultures in the Mediterranean. He introduced Greek myth, dance, language, etc. He had also built over 70 cities. Don’t you think that’s mind-blowing?
     If you were to build this, do that or make this, what would you do? What would you change or introduce? At this very moment, I’m inspired to dance more because of my favorite Broadway musical, Newsies! Ever since I learned about it, I’ve been looking for dance classes here in the Philippines. There were not much and I would want to change that. I would want to build more dance studios here! I also noticed that there were a lot of hip-hop classes, but not much of tap or jazz. I would build more dance studios that specialize in those two. If I had to change something, I would change that. 
     Alexander seems like a good role model as well. He teaches us to NOT give up. If ever I feel like giving up again, I would remember him and his success, as well as ask God for His guidance. 
     (Links: here and here for more about Alexander the Great)


     Nagkaroon ka na ba ng pagkakataong pagtaksilan mo ang isang tao? Ako ay wala pa. Sa Ibong Adarna, mayroon akong alam na mga tauhang nagtaksil. Sinu-sino ang mga iyon? Sila ay sina Don Juan at ang mga kapatid niyang sina Don Pedro at Don Diego. 
     Ano ang ginawa nila? Pinagtaksilan ni Don Juan ang dalawang magkapatid na sina Donya Juana at Prinsesa Leonora. Sinabi ni Don Juan na si Donya Juana ang kanyang mahal. Noong nakita niya si Prinsesa Leonora, gayun din ang sinabi niya sa kanya. Ano naman ang nangyari kina Don Pedro at Don Diego? Noong pababa si Don Juan sa balon, pinutol nila ang lubid ni Don Juan. Bakit? Naiinggit silang dalawa sa tagumpay niya. 
     Ano kaya ang mangyayari kapag nalaman ni Don Juan ang ginawa ng mga kapatid niya sa kanya? Ano naman kaya mangyayari kapag nalaman nina Donya Juana and Prinsesa Leonora ang ginawa ni Don Juan sa kanila? Kapag nalaman ko na may isang taong nagtaksil sa akin, mawawala ang tiwala ko sa kanya. Maaring hindi din kami maging magkaibigan ulit. Kung sa tingin mo ay magiging mas madali ang buhay kapag pinagtaksilan mo ang isang tao, kabaligtaran ang pwedeng mangyari. Kung nalaman ng maraming tao ang ginawa mo, pwede kang iwanan at mawawala ang mga kaibigan mo. Mas masama kung malalaman ng pamilya mo ang pagtataksil mo dahil papagalitan ka nila at pwede kang palayasin. 
     Dapat huwag natin gawin ang pagtataksil. Kahit na maaring itago ito, nakikita pa rin ng Diyos ang mga kilos natin. Ang ating mga gawain ay dapat mahusay at mabuti sa mga mata ng mga tao at lalong lalo na sa Diyos mismo.