Last November 17, I was blessed with a chance to volunteer at Make-A-Wish foundation. I’ve always been wanting to volunteer for a foundation and when my mom told me about this, I immediately said yes! 
     Make-A-Wish is a foundation that grants wishes of kids 3-18 with life-threatening medical conditions. Their aim is to cheer up the kids and give them strength, happiness, and hope. 
     I really wanted to help because I want to give the kids hope and strength that they can win the battle against their condition. My cousin lost hers when she was 10 and I want to give these kids strength that they can win. I also wanted to see the joy in their eyes once they receive their granted wishes. 
     I was filled with extreme happiness when I found out that the kids and their parents arrived at the party. I was beyond excited to interact with the kids and make them enjoy the day.
     The theme of the wish grant was a graduation theme where we focused on the kids’ achievements of 2013. A few volunteers interviewed the parents and asked them what their kids’ achievements were while most of us stayed with the kids and entertained them. We had a coloring activity and some of the volunteers even performed for them! 
I grew very fond of Adrian because he was hyper and joyful!

   The graduation theme!

     The kids show off their amazing work! Great job, kids!

   I honestly got teary-eyed when they started saying the kids’ achievements during the “graduation ceremony”. I only got to hang out with these kids for a couple of hours, but I felt so proud of them. I will definitely remember them until I get older. I know them as the kids who always trust in God and have everlasting hope.
     This was an astonishing experience for me and I would really want to join the next event! 🙂

Sewing For A Cause


Sew Easy site: here
     Guess what? Last November 23-24, I had the chance to be part of the Woodrose Family Bazaar along with my sewing teacher and classmates. We all had jobs to do on both days which was a learning experience for all of us.  The two days were fun, but we also went through some obstacles.

     What were the different jobs we had? Some of us were in charge of finance and sales. Some of us were in charge of logistics and promotions. My job was promoting the booth by handing out fliers to the people in the bazaar. You probably think that it is the easiest job among the four, but it wasn’t.

     When we successfully give fliers to people, we honestly feel wonderful. When some of them ignore us, we feel like a big fail!  It’s definitely difficult to try to get someone’s attention and promote your business without annoying customers. Honestly, I think we kind of annoyed some people because when we give them fliers, they say “Oh it’s okay, I already have some!”

     From now on, I will appreciate those who hand out fliers 10x more. I finally know how they feel and what they go through to promote their business and get customers.

      One more thing: Our goal for the bazaar wasn’t to earn money for us, students, but to raise money for the Typhoon Yolanda victims. All our profits are going to be donated to the victims and none will be kept for ourselves! I heard that the money we raised could actually buy a small fishing boat for a family and that made me so glad.

     Even though I was knocked out after each day, I had a lot of fun. I would love to participate in another bazaar! It would be a stunning experience again and I can learn more things like how to speak clearly and confidently to customers and what to say to get their attention.

     The Cuenca bazaar was an extraordinary experience I had with friends and I look forward to more bazaars in the future! 

Villamor Volunteering

     Last November 8, a tragedy struck my home country, the Philippines. Super typhoon Yolanda ruined so much properties and traumatized numbers of people. Reports say that Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) was one of the strongest typhoons to hit the planet. It had winds at the speed of 315 kph. I actually felt its strong winds because on the night of November 8 or 9, the wind was howling and we lost power. It honestly was really frightening! 
     While lots of people were traumatized by what happened, I was perfectly safe and I was taking the basic needs of living for granted. I definitely felt down because while people were striving to live without clean water and food, I was ordering milkshakes and cookies. 
     In these kinds of situations, I look for relief operations to give back to those who need help. Luckily, I found one! Last November 20, I went with my family to Villamor Air Base to volunteer. I was in the clothing/toiletry department with my sister and I helped pack bags of toiletries for each survivor. My mom was in the clothiing section for babies until 1 year old and my dad was a marshal.  While I was helping out, I felt incredible because I was able to give back. 
     Even though I was really tired from what I had been doing from 1:30 PM to 9:30 PM, I actually enjoyed it. In the future, I would want to participate in more relief and packing operations. No matter how tired I would be and how difficult the job can be, I am still up for participating and helping! 🙂