Sewing Class

   For the first time in my life, I’m attending a sewing class by Sew Easy with my mom and sister. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be that fun but I was definitely wrong! It’s completely bonkers! I’ve made two bags, a skirt, and a shirt. Another bag is in the making. It’s amazing how much you can do with some thread, fabric, and a sewing machine. 

   Not only do I have fun, but I also learn a lot of skills which are: 
   1) Perfection – This is needed or else your project wouldn’t turn out nice and right. You also wasted                                your supplies, time, and money. 
   2) Math – You need to have the right amount of fabric to make a bag or a shirt. If not, it’s either you                        won’t have enough fabric or you would have a lot of scraps. You also need to learn how to                     fold the right measurement for the hem. 
   3) Memorization – You need to memorize how to thread your sewing machine and fill your                                                  bobbin.
   4) Reading instructions – You need to know how to read instructions so that you won’t skip a step for                                            your projects.
   In the future, I would love to make more sewing creations when my mom, sister, and I have our own machine. Right now, we’re just saving up for one. 

Sew Easy site: here

What I’ve made so far! 


   NOTE: This is not meant to offend any Spanish people out there. Spain is one of the countries I dream to go to and I would love to make some Spanish friends. 
   I don’t know if most of you know this: the Spaniards had taken over the Philippines for nearly 300 years! With those long 300 years, it is not a surprise that the Filipinos inherited some traits that came from the Spaniards. We still manifest and practice them until this very day. Anyways, here are the traits!  
   1) Laziness
   2) Foreign-is-good, local-is-bad 
   3) Corruption
   4) Looking down on what we can do
  These are the three traits that up to now, we Filipinos still have. I must admit, I am lazy sometimes. I just don’t like to work on some days. Now, let me explain modern instances where these three traits still apply. 
   Laziness: When we find out that we have to do a certain task, we don’t really do it because we’re lazy. Instead of working, we depend on someone to earn money for us. Instead of helping out in chores, we sleep.  I myself sleep a lot not because I need to pass time. I sleep because it’s either I’m really tired or I got less than 8 hours of sleep the night before. 
   Foreign-is-good, local-is-bad: Most Filipinos have this in their minds. When we go shopping, they think buying foreign brands is always the better choice. We have to have the following qualities: taller, fair skin, and high noses. For me, I’m proud to be Filipino. I don’t really want to change anything about me. I also support and love local brands! 
   Corruption: This has been a huge problem of my country since forever. Government officials steal the country’s money and use it for themselves. I’m actually fed up about this. The precious money they stole could be used to improve our country’s welfare! I certainly hope that the president will do something about this, so that our future will be brighter.
   Looking down on what we can do: Since the Spanish forced us to do tasks and called us stupid with the name “indio”, we started looking down on ourselves and on what we can do. We think that there are always people above us who are better than us. We think that we’re useless because of this. Isn’t this sad? 
   I pray and believe that one day, the Philippines is going to be a well-developed country, crimes are less or none at all, and these three traits would be gone for good!  Now that would be the day!

Line And Shape

  I never thought I’d say this, but I actually really enjoyed art for this quarter. Despite the fact that I had a tough time deciding on what to draw, it was really fun! The technique I learned is Line and Shape. I guess it was easier for me because I’m starting from the beginning then moving up towards the more complicated techniques. I’m excited to find out what I’ll be learning next quarter! Here are what I did:

Island Of The Cloud Turtles

   Guess what? I finished reading my first book for the first quarter, which is Island Of The Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. The book is about a girl who lost everything, but managed to survive in solitude on an island. At first, I thought it was a fictional story, but as I read the Author’s Note on the last pages of the book, I learned that a girl actually lived upon the island from 1835 to 1853. How shocking is that? Eighteen years on an island without anyone with you. Honestly, if I was in that situation, I wouldn’t even live for a month! The story fascinates me very much! Now, it’s time to talk about the island she lived on. 
    The island is called Island Of The Blue Dolphins because dolphins live in the seas that surround the island and it is shaped like a dolphin. It not only has dolphins, but it has sea otters, sea elephants, and some sea creatures called devilfish. There are also wild dogs roaming around the island. For food, you can either eat abalone, fish, devilfish, and other plants. Speaking of islands, I decided to create an island of my own!
   So this is Island Of The Cloud Turtles! The reason why I named it that is because the island, for me, is shaped like a cloud, and turtles are very common on the island. As of the moment, turtles are my favorite animal. You might ask, “What is the play area?”. Well, that place is just for passing time. If you want to make bracelets or socialize, that’s where you go! Southeast of the island is a sanctuary where you are not allowed to fish there. Why? Sea otters, sea turtles, and dolphins live there, so you wouldn’t want to mess with their habitat. Northeast of the island is where you can fish for food. There are actually wolves on the island, too. Why? It won’t be an island if there are no dangerous animals. It would be absolutely cool if someone just discovered an island exactly the same as the Island Of Cloud Turtles.

   Now, back to the book. I throughly enjoyed it and I learned so much whilst reading. Once disaster strikes, you gotta learn how to survive. The situation in the book doesn’t quite happen to modern people right now, but what happens if there was a drought or a flood? What if there was a disaster? I learned that all the things you learn now can help you in the future if there’s a disaster or not. We should also be content with what we have; we shouldn’t buy more things we don’t need, too. I recommend this book for all of you because it’s very easy to understand. Plus, it has an amazing story!

Pagong Panaginip

   Sa Pilipino, ang pinag-aaralan ko ngayon ay Ibong Adarna. Ang Ibong Adarna ay isang storya tungkol sa tatlong magkakapatid na hinahanap ang Ibong Adarna para gumaling ang kanilang tatay na malapit nang mamatay. Pero, sandali. Ano ang Ibong Adarna? Ang Ibong Adarna ay isang engkatadong ibon na napakaganda. Siya ay kumakanta ng pitong kanta na nakakaantok. Pagkakanta niya, nag-iiba ang kulay ng kanyang balahibo. Ang mga taong nakakarinig ng awit ng Ibong Adarna ay nakakatulog. Pagkatapos kumanta ng ibon, dumudumi siya sa tao at nagiging bato ito. Nakakatakot di ba? 
   Ngayon, umimbento ako ng isang engkantadong hayop. Ang hayop na ito ay tinawag kong Pagong Panaginip! 
   Ang Pagong Panaginip ay makikita lamang ng mga taong napakababait at ng mga taong may seryosong problema. Nakakasalita ang Pagong ng kahit anong wika para mas maintindihan siya ng mga tao. Sa mga mababait, kapag nanaginip sila at gusto nila ang kanilang panaginip, tatawagin lang nila ang Pagong Panaginip para panoorin ulit ito. Sino kayang hindi gusto nito?  Kung totoo talaga ang Pagong Panaginip, tatawagin ko siya bawat araw na mayroon akong magandang panaginip para lagi kong itong naaalala.  Masaya, di ba?

Earning Money Isn’t Easy

   Now that I’m Grade 7, math is definitely more difficult to do. I’m doing Pre-Algebra right now, but the first few lessons are about topics I’ve already learned. Why am I still doing them? Well, Teaching Textbooks is a math program from Grade 3 to High School that has a CD and textbook for each level. I learn by listening to the lesson first and then answer the questions. Its style is to review past lessons first before continuing to new lessons, so that the students don’t forget. I find it fun because it sounds like the teacher is right beside me.

   The topics I decide to focus on and make a word problem about is money and decimals. Here it is: 
   I am saving up for an international camp I want to go to next year. I don’t know exactly how much it will cost, but I know it’s around P100,000. If I end up having some extra money after the camp, I’m going to put some in the bank and the rest I will use to buy things I want. By the way, the solutions are in the picture because I have no idea how to do them on Blogger. The questions are below the picture.

   1) If the camp will be in twelve months, what is P100,000 divided by 12? 
       The answer is: P8,333, but the 3 just repeats and repeats. That is called a repeating number! To be          sure, I rounded it off to P8,400 to have some extra money. 
   2) If I spend around P85,000 for the camp, how much will I have left? 
       The answer is: I will have P15,000 left! 
   3) If I decide to go shopping, I will spend P1,000 on white t-shirts. Then, I will spend P212 on dye.          Afterwards, I will spend P546 on some DVDs. I will decide then to go to the bank and deposit              the rest in my bank account for future use.  How much will I end up spending? How much will I            put in the bank?
       The answer is: I will spend P1,758 and deposit P13,242. 
   4) If I decide to sell tie-dye shirt for P250.50 each and I will sell six in a month. How much money            will I earn? 
       The answer is: I earn a total of P1,503! 
   5) I will to continue the business for a year and I will sell eight in a month. How much do I earn? 
       The answer is: In a month, I earn P2,004. In a whole year, I earn P24, 048. 
   I am saving up, but the problem is that I don’t have a business or a job yet.  I basically rely on my allowance.  I am hoping that sooner or later, I get to come up of a business! Thinking about this really just says: “Money just doesn’t grow on trees! You have to get a job, earn, and make a business. It doesn’t come to you easily.” 

Liebster Award

   Guess what everyone? I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Lianna from Hide The Blues. The award has such a fancy name, to be honest. Basically, I have to answer eleven questions Lianna gave me. Afterwards, I nominate other bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer.

   Well, this will be extra-fun!


   What was the last book you read? How was it? 
   Perfect timing for this question. A few days ago, I finished the 6th book of Harry Potter which is Half-Blood Prince. It was absolutely amazing! It’s actually my favorite book. Right now, I’m reading Deathly Hallows.

   Who is your favorite member of The Beatles? 
   Asking a hardcore Beatles fan this question is nonsense. Anyways, I’ve got to choose, don’t I? It’s a toss between George Harrison and John Lennon. They’re amazing! But wait, there’s Paul and Ringo! I can’t choose.

   If you were to attain citizenship from another country, which one would it be and why? 
   Great question! I would either attain citizenship from either Italy and England. Italy because it’s the home of my two favorite foods: pizza and pasta. England because it’s the land of Doctor Who and British YouTubers. Come on.

  What is/are your favorite genre/s of music and a favorite song from that/those genres? 
   I really love country and alternative rock. My favorite country song would be Home by Philip Phillips and my favorite alternative rock song would be…On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons. Although, I’m open to listening to any kind of music except for rap and metal.

  Who is your favorite superhero from The Avengers (if not, who is your favorite superhero in general)? 
  I generally love Iron Man. Enough is said.

   Share a favorite video you’ve seen on YouTube.
   Again, asking this question to a girl who goes on YouTube in her spare time is impossible. But, here we go!

   The video(s) that makes me laugh: Connor Franta – 25 Different Animal Impressions
                                                          MisterEpicMann – How Animals Eat Their Food

   The video that makes me just break out in song – IM5 – Disney Dudez

   The channels that I love to go to everytime – ConnorFranta, JacksGap, IM5band, PointlessBlog,
                                                                         MarcusButlerTV, and (add all British YouTubers here)
  What is your favorite native food? 
  I love my dad’s adobo! Pastillas is also my favorite sweet. Generally, Filipino food is amazing. <3

  If you were given a piece of paper, what would you do with it? 
  I would doodle on it or tear them to very tiny pieces and put them at the backs of people’s shirts. Yep.

  What is your favorite song to play on an instrument you know how to play (if not, sing)? 
  I love playing Blackbird by The Beatles, Home by Philip Philipps, and Granger Danger by the cast of A Very Potter Musical on the guitar. If all of you don’t know A Very Potter Musical, it is obviously a musical produced by Starkid. It’s amazing! You should all check them out on YouTube.

  Which one do you prefer more: cinema or theatre? 
  I love them both so much.

  What is a phrase you use really often? 
  Right now, I use “There we go!” a lot. A LOT.

 Here are my nominees: 
Here are my questions: 
If your voice was a candle scent, what would it smell like?
Share two quotes from movies you absolutely love.
What is your favorite place to go to?
What is your favorite animal that most people don’t really know? For example, a quokka or a chincilla.
What are your top five songs for a rainy day?
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Would you rather be with 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck?
If you were the size of a mouse, what would you do?
What are your favorite YouTube videos in these categories: music, comedy, and just-for-entertainment 
Would you want to change something in your life? If so, what? 
What is that one word that fascinates you? 


Gods And Goddesses

   World History used to be one of the subjects I disliked. But now, I enjoy it! The lesson I enjoyed the most was about the Egyptians. The way they live, their customs, what they believe in, and all those just fascinate me. One aspect of their life that fascinates me the most is what they believe in. Let me explain that for you. 
   Ancient Egyptians believe in multiple gods and goddesses. They basically have a god/goddess everything! For example: Anubis is the god of the dead and the embalming. Ra is the god of the sun. Bastet is a protective goddess. Geb is the god of the earth. Those are just four of the many gods/goddesses they have. That particular aspect of their lives just make my brain light up. It’s amazing! Now, I decided to make my own goddess that is also related to Christianity and she is…Heromi! 
   Heromi’s rather like any other normal girl, but she has special powers. She doesn’t like power and kingdoms. She just likes to be around people, helping them, and she likes to be treated as a normal person. She is the goddess of good traits. Why? She possesses very good traits and doesn’t get mad at people often. 
   We should all be like Heromi! We should help people and have a positive attitude. Just by doing those, we show people that we have Jesus in us. Everywhere we go and whatever we do, we should show people that we are like Jesus no matter what. If we show that we have Him in ourselves, people would think that we are good people. Don’t you want people to think you’re good? I certainly do! 

The Challenge


   Have you ever just looked around and say to yourself, “This place needs more cleaning.”? I know I have quite a lot. Where I live, there’s certainly an amount of trash everywhere. We try our best to keep our surroundings clean; in a few days, the garbage is back. Now that it’s the rainy season, the effect of throwing trash everywhere is obvious. How? Flood water can reach knee-deep in a few hours. As a type this, it’s raining nonstop outside my house. I’m grateful that it hasn’t flooded in the main road right now! The big question is: How do we save the environment in little ways? I have the perfect idea! The 20 Day Save-The-Environment Challenge! 
   In case that you may not be able to read it: 
   1. 10 minutes of shower
   2. No air-con/air conditioner  
   3. Pick up any trash on the ground (It won’t clog the sewers!) 
   4. Recycle scrap pieces of paper
   5. Switch off (electric) things not in use
   6. Close doors when you leave rooms (especially when the aircon is on) 
   7. Open windows 
   8. Walk or bike to close locations 
   9. Read instead of watching TV or using the computer 
   10. Use less plates and kitchen utensils 
   11. Reuse clothes
   12. Bring your own shopping bag
   13. Carpool
   14. Recycle 
   15. Avoid using plastic at all
   16. Finish the food on your plate
   17. Reuse junk & make it look…fab
   18. Use reusable water bottles (Bring your own water bottles instead of buying again) 
   19. Donate old items instead of throwing them away 
   20. Plant a tree
   This challenge doesn’t have to be done in order. Pick one number that suits your schedule until you finish all twenty. I do these whenever I can and it’s quite fun. If you’re up for an easy challenge, here’s one for you! 
   One more thing, in my science lesson, I’ve learned about air. Here is the reason why I think the air is polluted. What is it? Simple, it’s because of smoke. Ever since I was young, I hated the smell of smoke whether it came from people or from cars. I thought to myself, “Has the government ever done anything about this?”.  I know they tried. The Philippine government created a smoking ban, but I don’t think it was ever implemented. Up to now, I still see people smoking. I see cars that produce a lot of smoke than normal. Whenever I pass by a group of smokers, all I want to say is, “Please stop. This is ruining the environment and yourselves. It’s also bothering the noses of other people.” I just know that if I do say it, I could get in trouble. Now that I have expressed my opinion about smoking, I do hope that somebody could also do something about it. 
I made another blog post about smoking here.