Palawan 2013


   “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” For all those who watch Finding Nemo, this is a very famous phrase. This is also the phrase I kept saying to myself last March 26-29. Why? My best friend, Lauryn, and her family {Tita Lyndee, Tito Brad, and Brandon. Tita/Tito are what we call our elders or relatives) went with me and my family to Palawan, Philippines! We stayed at Club Paradise and we had loads of fun. The water was really clear and cool. The sand was white and not too milky, which is what I wanted. The only thing that bothered us was that there were a lot of jellyfish. All of us got stung by the tiny ones and luckily, we didn’t get stung by those big ones. 

   Aside from swimming, me, Lauryn, and Tita Lyndee went diving with my family. First, we went intro dive where a dive instructor taught us some basic things to learn about diving. Then, we finally dove in the beautiful ocean! Right after my first dive, I wanted to be a certified diver. I can’t believe I said that I wouldn’t dive! 
   Not only that, we also went on a Coron island tour. We went to Kayangan Lake, Siete Picados Marine Park, Twin Lagoon, and  Maquinit Hot Springs. After, we were able to catch some part of the sunset and we even saw about hundreds of bats going out from their “homes” to gather food. They usually go out at about 6 PM. 
   We also met four foreign friends. Ivina and Christina or Kristina are from Russia. Olivia is from South Africa and Julio is from Brazil. The last night of the trip, Lauryn, Brandon, and I were really hyper that we were laughing at everything. We were playing darts and ping pong while laughing our heads off! Julio even joined in! We had loads of fun and laughs, so I’m sure it won’t be forgotten.
   This trip was absolutely wonderful. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t forget all the fun moments I had and the friends I made. I can’t wait for next year’s trip!

   (It’s time to break the blog hiatus! I’ve been really busy that I wasn’t able to post these a while back. Now, I’m back to blogging!)