Pilipinas Kong Mahal





   Dito sa Pilipinas, tag-init na! Ang mga tao ay pumupunta sa iba’t ibang mga lugar para magbakasyon. Sila ay pumupunta sa Japan, Korea, United Kingdom o sa iba’t ibang lugar at tanawin dito sa Pilipinas! Para sa akin, napakaganda ang mga tabing-dagat dito sa ating bansa. Ngayong bakasyon, pupunta kami sa Palawan. Tuwang-tuwa ako dahil kasama namin ang pamilya ng kaibigan ko. Pero, teka lang, ano pa ang mga magagandang lugar pwedeng puntahan dito? 

   Cebu ay isa sa mga lugar. Sa Cebu, napakasarap ng lechon! Diyan din makikita ang mga butanding sa bayan ng Oslob.  Ang laki nila! Hindi lang iyan. Pumunta din kami sa isang talon. Ang pangalan nito ay Tumalog Falls. Para pumunta dito, kailangan kang lumakad pababa. Bakit? Nasa ibaba ng bundok ito. Noong narating namin yung talon, naging presko ang pakiramdam ko. Malamig ang hangin, malamig ang tubig, at maririnig mo talaga ang patak at agos ng tubig galing sa talon. Napakaganda talaga nito! Kahit mahirap ang pagpunta rito, nasiyahan pa rin ako. Wala akong masabi sa ganda nito. Kung pwede, gustong gusto kong bumalik sa Cebu. 
   Sa Bohol, natuwa din ako sa mga pinuntahan namin. Noong pagdating namin, nag-“island tour” kami. Pumunta kami sa isang matandang simbahan, Sandugo {blood compact}, Chocolate Hills, at isang lugar na may mga tarsier! Sobrang saya ako noong nakita ko ang isang tarsier dahil ang kyut (cute) nila! Maliit sila, malaki ang mga mata, at mahaba ang buntot. Ang laki nila ay parang isang kamay na nakabuka. Ang masasabi ko sa inyo ay ang Bohol ay isang magandang lugar na dapat puntahan ng lahat. 
   Palawan naman ang pinaka-paboritong lugar na pinuntahan ko. Maputi ang buhangin, malinaw at malamig ang tubig. Kahit hindi pa malalim ang tubig, may makikita ka ng mga isda! Madaming mga isda!  Noong pumunta kami, sobrang dami ng makukulay na isda.  Nakakita din kami ng isang maliit na pating. Ang Palawan ay isa ding lugar na dapat puntahan ng lahat.  
   Alam ko na may iba’t iba pang mga  lugar sa Pilipinas na hindi ko pa napupuntahan. Sana magkaroon kami ng isang pagkakataon na pumunta sa lahat na magagandang lugar at makita ang mga yaman ng ating lupang tinubuan, ang Pilipinas.

Lumang simbahan sa Bohol 
Starfish sa Bohol

“Whale shark (butanding) watching”, Cebu

Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Sandugan, Bohol

Tarsier sa Bohol

Papunta sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu. Mahaba at nakakapagod pumunta doon pero nasiyahan naman ako pagdating sa talon.

Ako at si Lauryn sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Kami sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Sumilon, Cebu

Papunta sa Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Chances Are…

   Do you ever play games with your candy? Well, I sometimes do with Skittles which is my all-time favorite candy! Recently, I played a game with my pack of Skittles. It’s pretty much related to my lesson in Math. Probability. The problems I made involving Skittles and probability are below and I even solved it myself! 
   Problem #1: There are about 56 Skittles in one regular pack. 13 of them are green, 15 are orange, 8 are yellow, 11 are purple, and 9 are red. What’s the probability of getting 5 green pieces the first time? What’s the probability of getting 1 orange piece the second time? Suppose you ate the first few candy pieces. 
   Solution #1: 
           First time:   13 + 15 + 8 + 11 + 9  =  56 pieces 
                        5 pieces 
                        Favored outcomes:     5 
                        Possible outcomes:    56 
             Second time:   1 piece 
                        56 – 5  =  51 
                        Favored outcomes:   15
                        Possible outcomes:   51 
                                      5                  15              75
                                  ——-      x    ——-   =     ——- 
                                     56                 51            2,856 
   If we’re picky with the colors/flavors of Skittles, we can see that we have a pretty small chance of getting the colors/flavors we want! We should just be content with what we get! If we’re super choosy with what we want, we may just end up with nothing. {Contentment is being happy with what you have. It’s a very important character trait we need.}

It’s Election Again

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 This official for senator, this one for mayor. In the Philippines, it’s almost the local government election. In Batangas {where I live}, wherever I look, I can see posters of the local officials running for government positions whether it’s for mayor, senator, congressman, and so on. Posters are not the only thing I see now. There are commercials of the officials promoting themselves and different catchy jingles. Now, I wonder:

What characteristics should we look for in a government official?

If I was running for a government position, what program should I focus on improving?
  Characteristics of a government official are really important to look for because it really tells what they can do and if they’re worth voting for. For me, the characteristics in a government official worth voting for are: smart, not lazy, helps the citizens in any way possible, and humble. Why?

   If a government official is smart, he/she can think of more possible ways in improving the country. 
   If the official is not lazy, he/she can work harder to help us get what we need. 
  If the official helps the citizens in any way possible, that is very good because it really shows he/she loves us and wants to do anything to help us. One government official I know who helps the citizens is Dick Gordon. One instance I know is when there was an accident on the road and he literally went down from his car and helped the people. When it was flooding here in the Philippines, instead of staying at the office, donating {which is also good}, he went to the really flooded places and helped the citizens who were stranded on the roofs of their houses. Despite the fact that he’s part of Red Cross, he is one official that I know who really helps. “Kapag may baha, siya basa” is one of the phrases in his commercial. 
   If the official is humble, it will mean that he/she doesn’t care about his position and won’t use it to gain media attention or public attention. The official who I really like is Jesse Robredo. He was really humble and didn’t care about his position in government. One thing that I vividly remember him doing was he played basketball with some teenagers in a barangay {Tagalog for village}. He also walks around town just wearing slippers. 
    This made me think. If I were to run for a government position, what program should I focus on improving? Should it be education, food, agricultural, etc.? Well, for me, I would focus on the education of young children because change starts with the children. I would also focus on their dreams. If they want to be a marine biologist, I’ll try to help them go for their dream! If they want to be an artist, I’ll help them by giving them art materials and classes. You know why? If they pursue what they want, they could promote their home country. Most importantly, they will be able to do what they’re good at. No matter how small we think we are, we can change the world.

ng bayan

Inhale, Exhale!

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   Inhale, exhale.  Chew, swallow, digest.  I’m currently studying about the different systems in our body for science and the respiratory system is what I’m particularly interested in. What is the respiratory system? The respiratory system controls how we breathe. The main part in the respiratory system is the lungs. The lungs are responsible for supplying oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide. There are a few steps for “breathing,  actually. 

  1. Air travels through our nasal cavity or oral cavity {nose and mouth} into the pharynx. 
  2. Air then travels through the larynx into the trachea then into one of the lungs. It can either be the left primary bronchus {left lung} or right primary bronchus {right lung}. 
   When the diaphragm contracts, it causes us to inhale. When the diaphragm relaxes, it causes us to exhale. Do you get it? 
   I’ve been wondering what smoking does to you and why it’s harmful. Thankfully, my science book explained about this particular topic. Cigarette smoking is associated with a disease called emphysema. Emphysema causes the aveoli {tiny air sacs at the end of our bronchiole} to be enlarged and merge with other aveoli. Instead of having thousands of aveoli in the lungs, smokers will have few large aveoli. This causes less oxygen in the blood and the blood can’t carry as much oxygen. If smokers have little oxygen, they will experience shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, and wheezing. We have a driver who smokes every morning until night and I wonder why he doesn’t stop. Doesn’t he know the consequences in smoking? It could lead to death!

   Why isn’t anyone doing anything about smoking? In the Philippines, I think they implemented a smoking-ban law. If I am right, why don’t the smokers know about this?  I still see people smoking like crazy. Whenever I pass by smokers, I purposely cough so that they know that smoking can bother other people. Smoking can make you feel cool, but it won’t make your body “cool”. It’s just going to make it worse. Why aren’t people doing anything about it? For me, we should post signs everywhere about why smoking is bad.

Effects of smoking

       I think the government should do something about smoking. They should do something more! One example is those fun runs for a cause. Another would be lessening the amount of cars and pollution.  How do you do this? Plant more and do the 3 Rs {Reuse, Reduce, Recycle}! It’s that simple. 
       If I were to design a program, the program would involve joining fun runs while collecting trash. With those trash, we clean them first then create something with them that we could use afterwards. Now, we have 5 Rs we can follow. Run, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recreate.

    Beside “Recreate”, there’s supposed to be a check mark but it got cut.

    Pencil And Paper

       Draws a line, erases. That’s how I am when it comes to art. I get frustrated easily if the drawing doesn’t go the way I planned. I’m not that good in drawing, but I’m willing to learn. Last Thursday, I was trying to paint and I couldn’t. I asked my sister why I’m not good at drawing and she said, “You just have a different style.” I guess you could say that. I’m not the type of person who “draws”. I doodle more.
       The drawings below are what I did for art. The technique I learned is Shapes Of Natural Forms. They’re not that good, compared to my sister’s, but I’m hoping I could improve soon. 

    Blast From The Past

    I had to use The Beatles as the photo because they’re awesome.
       Yes, as you can tell from the title, this post is about the past. Well, not entirely, but majority of this long post is about it. Be prepared for a long post. Literally. 
       My mom, sister, and I were reading our World History lesson this morning and our thoughts and ideas started flying everywhere. Why? We were talking about the Amish. Who are the Amish? The Amish are a group of people, founded by Jakob Amman, who, to me, live like fish on land. Can you believe that there are still quite a lot of Amish living today? Yes, they still live from 1693 to present time. My mouth dropped when I learned about how they live, their values, and their characteristics. Jakob Amman believed that it’s pointless to accept outsiders in their group because they believe that outsiders won’t be saved by Christ. He also believed that it was very important to dress very simply, so that they don’t draw attention to themselves. Married men wore untrimmed beards and wide-brimmed hats while women wore long skirts and bonnets. They still use hooks and eyes instead of buttons! They dress the same way they did before until present time. Pretty mind-spinning, right? That’s not all. They don’t use cars. They travel by horse and buggy. They do not use modern technology {electricity, machines, television, computer, television, etc.} either. Now, that’s shocking. The good thing is that they place very great value to handicrafts, hobbies, and they work hard. Men do handcrafted furniture and women do hand-sewn quilts and baked goodies. They prefer doing work by hand than using technology. How they live intrigued me, my mom, and my sister, so we started brainstorming and discussing right after the lesson. 
       The topics and questions we talked about were: 
    1. Advantages of being old-fashioned or old school
    2. Disadvantages of being old-fashioned or old school
    3. Do you think we should keep things from the past?
    4. Is there a skill you would like to learn from the past?
    5. Values of being Amish 
    6. What are things you always have to have with you these days? 
    7. A project to go without the things we cannot survive with for a day or more 
    8. If you were a time traveler, what event or events would you like to go back to? 
       Advantages of being old-fashioned or old school: The advantages for me is that they value hobbies, family, working hard, and handcrafted things more than technology. They also dress very simply unlike now. We have short shorts, too fancy tops, overloads of jewelry which attracts attention from people around you. One of the advantages I really want to apply to present time is value-ing family, handcrafted things, and hobbies. Most kids now don’t really value manners and family which saddens me. In the Philippines, a lot of kids don’t call their older siblings “Kuya” or “Ate”. Kuya means older brother and Ate means older sister. They just call them by their first name or nickname. 
       Disadvantages of being old school: How do you research? With the technology and internet we have right now, you can get answers for what you want to know in seconds. They don’t use technology, so how do they get answers? They don’t “imagine”, too. Their mindset is focused on the ways and beliefs of Jakob Amman that they don’t have any other questions, unless they look at how others live and wonder. That’s what I think. 
       Do you think we should keep things from the past? Yes! I love going to thrift stores and looking at the old books, photos, toys, and {my favorite} music albums. Keeping things from the past makes me wonder how my parents or grandparents lived back then, how they listened to music, what their food was, how they took photos, how much their food were, etc. When my parents talk about their childhood, my mouth can’t stop smiling because I like learning about it. Listening to old music is what I love the most. Right now, I’m in love with The Beatles and Bob Marley. Sometimes, I get too tired of modern music because it’s mostly about love. {ew} The Beatles’s songs are sometimes about love, but  others are about how they live life. There’s also more feel to what they’re singing. At the moment, my favorite songs are Strawberry Fields Forever, I Will, and Blackbird. {I recently learned how to play I Will and Blackbird on the guitar!} Bob Marley? I really love his music because it makes me relax. It’s so chill, too. My favorite song by him is Three Little Birds. Things that I have from the past are: a Minolta camera, music of The Beatles and Bob Marley, and old photos. I absolutely agree that we should keep things from the past. It’s very different from the things we have now and it intrigues me. 
       I would love to learn how to ride a horse and sew. I don’t sew, but I’m willing to learn. When I was a bit younger, I was obsessed with Michael Jackson {Hey, another artist I adore!}, so I made a sparkly glove out of sequins. I sewed the sequins on the glove by myself, but I don’t know if I was doing it right. I haven’t even finished it! Yes, it’s official. I would love to learn how to ride horses and how to sew.
      When you’re Amish, you really value hard work unlike present-day people. We use technology and look for an easy way around what we’re doing. We should really try to do our best in everything we do and do what the Amish people do! 
       Things I cannot do without are my cellphone and iTouch. My mom, sister and I were talking about a project we could do where we eliminate the convenient things we have now for a certain period of time. I’m willing to do it because I want to experience how it’s like to live without technology. It’s very interesting. What we do now is every meal time, we set aside our devices once the food arrives so that we have family talks. The first person who texts or uses their device will pay the next bill. My sister and I are really scared to pay, so once we sit down, we immediately put away our devices while our parents are still on them. {Hahaha!} If you want to read more about this new house rule that our family has, read about it here.
       If I was a time traveler, I would definitely go back to the performances of The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson. My guitar teacher lent me a DVD about The Beatles and I love seeing them perform. They looked so happy and cheerful. They really put their best in their music. I would also want to go back to the time where my parents were teenagers. I want to see how they dressed, acted, and how they lived. One more thing! I would want to taste the food. My mom said they had very different food and chocolate milk. Yes, chocolate milk. She said that it tasted super different from the chocolate we have now. It was her favorite!
       A very long post, right? This may be a long post, but you could learn a lot from this.

       Number One:  We should be content with what we have. The Amish don’t have technology and the things we have now, but I bet they’re still happy and living life. We shouldn’t always ask for more, more, more. We have to be happy with what we have because there are some people who may not have these things.
    Number Two: The past is full of new treasures we can collect and learn from, so we should appreciate it and not throw them away for the sake of the new, the modern, and the trendy. 

    We Are One

      As most of you know, Pope Benedict XVI has resigned from his position as pope of the Catholic Church. Was it the right decision? What are the Catholics doing about it? What’s going to happen next? Well, I’m guessing Pope Benedict resigned because of his health. I don’t really know if it was the right decision or not, but I’m pretty sure he’s doing what God asked him to do.

       I was watching news yesterday and I saw that millions of people went to hear Pope Benedict’s last Mass. As in millions! I was pretty shocked. I thought that the Catholics were going to “hate” Pope Benedict, but no. It was the opposite. We all the more joined together as one community to pray for him. Pope Benedict also said that he isn’t leaving his faith which is good. He resigned mainly because of his health and not because of us Catholics.

       A few days ago, I was reading my Christian Living lesson and it was about how the Church is a community. I can really relate this to the pope’s resignation because we still act as one community by  supporting Pope Benedict. As Catholics, even though we don’t have a pope, we still have to contribute in fulfilling our Christ-given mission. We have to spread the Gospel, live out the Gospel, and serve the community. We must always do acts of service to the sick, poor, lonely, and other suffering people. The pope himself served us. We serve others back. We must be good examples to others, so they can be good examples to others, too. I’m going to end this post with an all-time favorite verse of mine and a prayer for Pope Benedict. 
     Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. 

    Dear Lord, 
    Thank you for giving us a pope who cares for us and serves us just like you did.
    Now that we know he has resigned, please take care of him. Please take care of us Catholics. 
    Please give us a new pope just as good as Pope Benedict.