A New Cupcake Discovery

   Recently, I discovered a new cupcake store called Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe. It’s like Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Once you enter the store, it has a DC Cupcakes feel to it, but VCB has a vintage  going on. The first thing I did when I entered the store is smell the place. It smells like buttercream frosting and I love buttercream frosting! I thought, “Okay, the food here is going to be good.” I was right. My family and my Tito Alfie ate lunch there and the food was amazing! I ordered the Mushroom Truffle pasta and it was delicious. I liked the garlic bread, too. 
    It’s obvious that we had to order cupcakes before we left the store, so we did. My sister ordered the Chocolate Chip Cookie cupcake {or should I say muffin?} and I ordered the Valrhona cupcake. I couldn’t remember the exact name. Oops. I took photos of the cupcakes with Kodie before someone took a bite because they looked awesome. Right after I did, my sister and I instantly took a bite of our cupcakes. And oh my, it was…no words to describe how good it was. The icing of my cupcake was a bit bitter for me, but the cupcake itself was delicious. My parents loved the taste so my mom said that we could go back and bring home a box of 6 cupcakes! Since my sister had scuba diving lessons that day, we had to wait. {boo} 
    Right after the lessons, we went back to Larcy’s. We ordered the Cookies & Cream, Old Fashioned, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Valrhona, and two more cupcakes. I couldn’t remember the names because I didn’t try them. The Cookies & Cream and the Old Fashioned cupcakes are my favorite! There’s going to be a Pastillas De Leche flavored cupcake soon and I’m definitely trying it because I love pastillas. Larcy’s is in BF Paranaque {there’s a ~ on top of the n} along Aguirre Street. You have got to try it. Really. It’s amazing.
   P.S. Lianna! We should chill here next time hehe 
   P.P.S. My dad ordered a box of 12 cupcakes yesterday!! 🙂 

Sunday’s Best

   Fun. The word to describe last Sunday. Why? My dad, sister, and I spent the afternoon in the golf driving range taking photos and hitting some golf balls. My sister and I took the first few photos with Kodie (Minolta XG-E), too! Why the driving range? Whenever it’s late afternoon, the sunset is B-E-A utiful.
   From 4:00 PM to about…6:00 PM, my sister was taking photos with Kodie and the Nikon. In the meantime, I was playing golf. She was even teasing me when I miss some balls or if it doesn’t fly. But hey, I’m still learning! Anyhoo, last Sunday was the best. Taking photos and playing golf were two of the things I always enjoy doing. 🙂
   P.S. All the photos here are taken by my sister and I just edited them.


Hi, it’s me. Oh look it’s my dad in the background. The one in blue. 

Golf shoe


And it’s me again. Hi. 



   Minolta XG-E. Precious, precious thing. My sister and I recently got this and we’re having so much fun! We both finished our first roll of film and now, we need it developed! I’m too excited to see the prints. Too excited, indeed. Call us old school, but we really appreciate things from the past.

Crafting To The Max


   Scissors, carving tools, pendants, thread, and washi tape. Those are just some of the materials I used two weekends ago. Why? I attended two workshops in a row! First was the Rubber Stamping Workshop of Life After Breakfast. I attended with my mom and sister. I really enjoyed the workshop because you make your own stamps out of rubber blocks or rubber erasers. I actually made 10 all in all. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, too.
   The next workshop I attended was the Hey Kessy Washi Jewelry Workshop last Saturday. The best thing was I got to attend it with my close friend and blog buddy, Lianna! Anyhoo, we both had loads of fun. We got to pick two rolls of washi tape to use. She picked rolls with flower designs. I picked a blue striped roll and a zigzag roll. I even bought five rolls of washi tape afterwards. {hehe} The bad thing is…most of the materials and trinkets we used are from Quiapo or Divisoria. I’m hoping that I could go to either one of the places soon, so that I can buy more of the materials and make more necklaces!

Carving tools from the Rubber Stamping Workshop

Three of the stamps I made! 🙂

Pendants with washi tape

Necklaces! 🙂

Lianna‘s tape 


Containers of syrup

  International House Of Pancakes. Yes, it’s finally here in the Philippines! They opened a week ago and my family ate there the day after they opened. We couldn’t eat meat because it was on a Friday. Ash Wednesday was just two days before. The “rules” are that Catholics/Christians should abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all Fridays of Lent. Anyway, IHOP’s menu looked so good! Steak, omeletes, bacon, pancakes {obviously haha} etc. It’s a good thing they had a few dishes that didn’t have meat, but I’m pretty sure 3/4 of their menu are dishes had.
   Once we entered the restaurant, there was a long line.  For a restaurant that just opened, wow! We were supposed to eat there for lunch, but believe me, the line was even longer. Anyway, IHOP had these Americans who were guiding the Filipino trainees/staff. They literally looked very stressed. {Plus, the aircon wasn’t working which made it worse} They were even fanning themselves with the menus! {Hahaha}
   My mom and dad ordered this toast with spread and syrup on top. I couldn’t remember the exact name. My sister ordered Chocolate Chip Pancakes and I ordered Grilled Cheese Sandwich. For drinks, my sister had water, my parents had coffee, and I had orange juice! While we were eating, we were looking around and the guy at the table beside us was eating egg and bacon. Our reaction? I couldn’t describe it. While we were looking around, there were staff walking in every direction hoping that everything they had to train for would go as planned. Their hard work paid off though! The food was absolutely delicious and the restaurant was full. Trust me, I would definitely want to go back. For the Filipinos out there who want to try IHOP, it’s right beside California Pizza Kitchen at BGC. 🙂
Parents’ order

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

They’re Not Just For Adults

 “We all live in a yellow submarine.” Yellow Submarine by The Beatles
“Don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

   Yes, I recently bought these two albums of two amazing artists! I’ve been wanting an album of The Beatles and Bob Marley. There was a pretty funny situation in the CD store, too. Okay, here it goes.

   I entered the CD store and went directly to the section with The Beatles albums. I asked my dad if I could get one and he said yes. I had my eye on Yellow Submarine, but there was Let It Be. It was a pretty hard decision to make because they’re both good. Then, I asked one of the staff in the CD store if there were other albums to choose from. She said, “What album, sir? We have a lot of The Beatles albums here.” She thought I was asking for my dad and my dad was right behind me. My dad replied, “I don’t know. Ask my children since they’re the old ones here.” My sister and I literally laughed and the staff lady laughed along!

   Anyhoo, I’m currently enjoying both albums. It’s hard to choose between them because the type of music in each album is different. Bob Marley is reggae. For me, chill. I have no idea what genre of music are the songs of The Beatles. My dad says it’s considered as rock and roll. {insert confused face here} So, if you ask me, both of them are very good. Thank you, Pa, for buying these albums!

   P.S. Note to self: Buy Magical Mystery Tour of The Beatles next! 

My Own Style

   I’ve finally reached the stage where I am starting to look for my own style in what I wear. I found these two sites or online stores that sell awesome tween clothes! The first one is The Lost Girls. The thing is…they’re only located in Australia. {insert sobbing here} Their clothes are exactly my style and what I want. If only they had an online shop, then I would definitely beg my parents to get me clothes from there. Anyway, the second one is Sofiabella. I really like the clothes. Really. I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking for clothes like The Lost Girls and Sofiabella soon.

   Now, I’ve been wanting to have a pair or two of boots. Guess what? My mom introduced an online shop where you can find boots, booties, formal shoes, casual shoes, and others. Its name is DSW. I found a pair or two of ankle boots I absolutely love. I do hope that I would get to find clothes my style and that I would be able to get a pair of ankle boots soon. Photos of the clothes are below. 
(All the photos are not mine)

I only like the design of the shirt here. The shorts? Uhm…no, not that much.


The shorts are cool. They should be a bit longer though.  Shirt? No, don’t like it that much cause it’s too showy.

Fun-filled Thursday

 I had loads of fun last Thursday. Why? I attended a screen-printing workshop of Craft MNL! I was actually shocked there were only going to be three students. It was just me, my mom, and my sister. {hahaha} We all had fun and we were very satisfied with our products. We even bought some craft materials afterwards!

   Screen-printing is a loooong process, but it’s worth it. Why? You can use it to make posters, designs on shirts or bags, etc. What we did last Thursday were posters. Each of us had to pick a design that needed to be printed on tracing paper for a specific reason I do not know. I couldn’t remember every step of the process because it’s that long. It’s good my mom took pictures though. Anyway, my design was a Tardis {from the television series, Doctor Who}, my mom’s were a pair of hands, and my sister‘s was a drawing of her and her friends. 
   Right after I had my first print, I was very satisfied. It looked very good! Well, I must admit all three prints were very good, not only mine. Not only that, but I also bought 6 rolls of Washi Tape from Hey Kessy. Craft MNL has a whole shelf of craft materials and one section was full of Washi Tape! I didn’t just buy Washi Tape, but I also bought a box of stamps. Summary of last Thursday?  F U N. 
  P.S. I can’t wait for February 15-16 because Rubber Stamping Workshop and Washi Jewelry Workshop! 
   P.P.S. I’m joining the Washi Jewelry Workshop with my best friend, Lianna! Please do check out her blog. 🙂

My sister‘s design

My mom’s design

My design

Stamps I bought

Washi tape!

Cookie Butter

   I have missed this jar of a very very very delicious spread that tastes like gingerbread. I have been craving for this ever since my sister and I finished our first jar. We just got this yesterday and it’s half-way finished! I am telling you, yes you, to try Speculoos Cookie Butter soon. I bet you would love it as much as I do, but I love it more. {Hahaha, just kidding} Cookie butter, please be available in groceries. Thank you.

Versatile Blogger Award

   I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by my sister, Arielle, from Spaceship To Infinity. Thank you, Ate! {tagalog name for older sister} 
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their site.
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  3. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and include a link to their site.
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  5. Share 7 random facts about you. 
  1. Lianna from The Lovely Boat
  2. Ysabella from Ciao Ysabella
  3. Zali from Picking Daisies
  4. Tasha from Simply Serendipity
  5. Emily from Crafty Girl
  6. Stella from Tease Your Toes
  7. Hannah from Footprints On The Moon
  1. I am currently trying to convince my parents to get me and my sister Instax cameras.
  2. I am obsessed with Gone In The Morning by Newton Faulkner.
  3. I’ve been excited for summer lately.
  4. I try to make my dog ride my longboard. 
  5. I’ve been watching Victorious!
  6. I’ve been wanting to watch Doctor Who. {emphasis on the “wanting”}
  7. I am in the process of making friendship bracelets.