I simply edited the photos on photoshop. I’ve been enjoying photoshop recently hehe

 Last Sunday started off as a boring Sunday {as usual} but ended as a…productive day. I started taking pictures of my surroundings at 5pm because of the sun {the sunset hehe}. Afterwards, my sister and I were laughing soooo hard that it came to a point where we got teary-eyed! Sundays like these make me happy. 

Recently I…

  1. Listen to Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia a lot. 
  2. Try to keep my desk as neat as possible. 
  3. Look at other people’s blogs. 
  4. Look at clothes. {hahaha} 
  5. Try to plan meet-ups with my friends. {emphasis on the try} 
  6. Rummage through old photos. 
  7. Look at shoes. 
  8. Have been wanting to blog more often.
  9. Have been on Twitter and Instagram.
  10. Have been eating a lot.
  11. Look for cheap Instax cameras and films. {I really want one!} 
  12. Listen to Andy Grammer. 
  13. Get bored often. 
  14. Have been stressing on my studies.
  15. Stare into space. 
  16. Daydream. 
  17. Take photos.
  18. Edit photos.
  19. Want to cook/bake.
  20. Do arts and crafts. 

If I Was A Guardian

(Source: here)


   Right after watching the recent Dreamworks movie: Rise of the Guardians, my family and I were already thinking what each of us would be the guardian of. My mom said she would be the guardian of coffee. {She loves coffee so much and she drinks coffee everyday.} My sister said she would be the guardian of happiness. I agree because she’s always smiling. My dad hasn’t figured out what he would be the guardian of. I would be the guardian of laughter since I laugh everyday. According to my family, I’m funny.
   It would be really cool if we actually become real guardians after we die! Oh and by the way, who ever is reading this, do watch Rise of the Guardians or buy the DVD when it comes out. I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do! ๐Ÿ™‚
I am the guardian of laughter!

Measure Measure Measure

  I’ve done it. I’ve finished the last piece of my portfolio today. {woo} It was Math. I had to calculate the perimeter of the masters bedroom, my bedroom, and my sister’s bedroom plus the area from the floor plan of our new house in Pasig! {whoop de doo} Since it’s calculations were in millimeters, I had to convert them to meters which kind of confused me a bit. My ever-so-helpful dad taught me how to convert them which is a huge relief. Thanks to him, I officially finished my Math portfolio! (Calculations are below)  

Masters Bedroom: 
   Perimeter: 5,000 millimeters (length) 
                    3,100 millimeters (width) 
                    5,000 mil  x  2  =  10,000 millimeters
                    3,100 mil  x  2  =  6,200 millimeters
                    10,000  +  6,200  =  16,200 millimeters 
                    5,000 millimeters  =  5 meters
                    3,100 millimeters  =  3.1 meters
                    10,000 millimeters  =  10 meters
                    6,200 millimeters  =  6.2 meters
                    16,200 millimeters = 16.2 meters
                    ANSWER: 16,200 millimeters or 16. 2 meters
                   5,000  x  3,100  =  15,500,000 square millimeters

                   15,500,000  รท  1,000,000  =  15. 5 square meters

Ate Arielle’s Bedroom: 

   Perimeter: 3,225 millimeters (length) 
                    4,050 millimeters (width) 
                    3,225  x  2  =  6,450 millimeters
                    4,050  x  2  =  8,100 millimeters
                    6, 450  +  8, 100  =  14,550 millimeters
                    3,225 millimeters  =  3.225 meters
                    4,050 millimeters  =  4.5 meters
                    6,450 millimeters  =  6.45 meters
                    8,100 millimeters  =  8.1 meters
                    14,550 millimeters  =  14.55 meters
                    ANSWER: 14,550 millimeters or 14.55 meters
                    3,225  x  4,050  =  13,061,250 square millimeters

                    13,061,250  รท  1,000,000  =  13.06 square meters

My Bedroom: 

   Perimeter: 3,375 millimeters (length)
                    4,050 millimeters (width) 
                    3,375  x  2  =  7,750 millimeters
                    4,050  x  2  =  8,100 millimeters
                    7,750  +  8,100  =  15,850 millimeters
                    3,375 millimeters  =  3.375 meters 
                    4,050 millimeters  =  4.5 meters
                    7,750 millimeters  =  7.75 meters 
                    8,100 millimeters  =  8.1 meters 
                    15,850 millimeters  =  15.85 meters 
                    ANSWER: 15,850 millimeters or 15.85 meters 
                   3,375  x  4,050  =  13,668,750 square millimeters

                   13,668,750  รท  1,000,000  =  13.7 square meters

   With the given calculations of the room, you can see it’s pretty small. Next time Ayala decides to build a residential townhouse project, I recommend that the engineers make the rooms a bit bigger, so that the tenants can move all their things in the house without thinking, “Wow. I didn’t know it would be so small here. Did I make the right decision to move?”

    For my room, this would be the design I would like to have to be able to maximize space since it’s small:

Can’t find the source/link anymore
   It would have a lot of shelves, photographs on the walls, maybe even Christmas lights or bunting flags. I would also want a dream catcher on my door! {I have learned how to make a while ago hehe} Yes, my room shall be something like the picture above. I’m hoping that the house would look like what we imagined it would look like without it being small.

Kainan at Kantahan!

   Kahapon, buhay na buhay ang bahay namin! Kahit saan ka tumingin, may mga makukulay na mesa para sa mga bisita. Alas-otso lang ng umaga ay may nagluluto na ng masasarap na pagkain at pakonti-konti, may mga taong dumating. Bakit? Kasi piyesta ng Batangas City kahapon. Sobrang saya kahapon kasi hindi limitado ang mga pagkain; kumuha kami ng caterer. Napakasarap ng pagkaing kinain ko at pakiramdam ko mamamatay ako sa busog.

   Noong alas-onse, mga walumpung tao ang dumating sa bahay namin para kumain. Nakipag-usap din sila sa mga magulang ko at sa lolo at lola ko. May mga taong pumila para sa pagkain pero hindi ko naman alam na mahaba na pala. Nakita ko ang mahabang pila para sa masasarap na pagkain. Pagkatapos ng limang minuto, ang inisip ko ay “Mahaba na pala ang pila! Ang bilis naman. Sige na nga, kakain na ako.” Kumuha ako ng chicken cordon bleu, gulay at lechong baboy. Ubod ng sarap ang  chicken cordon bleu! Pagkatapos kong kumain, narinig ko ang mga malalakas na tawa galing sa mga bisita. Bigla na lang, may naririnig akong taong kumakanta nang malakas sa karaoke. Sobrang lakas ng tunog na parang puputok na ang mga tenga ko. 
   Dumating na ang oras para kumain ng hapunan at may mga bisita pang kumakain at nag-uusap. Ang hula ko ay mga isang daang tao ang dumating kahapon. Di-gaano karami ang dumating ngayong taon kaysa noong nakaraang taon pero madami pa din. Buti na lang natuwa sila. Masasarap ang mga pagkain at malalakas ang pagkanta ng mga bisita sa karaoke. Sana magkasingsaya ang piyesta ngayon at sa susunod na taon. 
Ang mga makukulay na mesa!

Lechong baka!


Chicken Cordon Bleu

Ang mga bisita

Are You A Supporter Of The RH Bill?

 What does the RH Bill do? It’s simple. It decides for you how you should manage your family. There are actually facts about the bill that every Filipino should understand before they choose to support it or not. They are: 

  1. The bill gives a person freedom to choose what family planning method to use, or not to use any method at all. 
  2. It does not legalize abortion. In fact, it explicitly adheres to the penal law on abortion.
  3. It does not impose an ideal family size and leaves this decision to couples.
  4. It respects the religious convictions and cultural beliefs of all. 
  5. It will not teach a 10-year-old how to use condoms. RH education is age- and development- appropriate. 
  6. It promotes both natural & artificial methods. 
  7. Contraceptives are safe and effective family planning tools. 
  8. It will not indiscriminately distribute condoms to all. 
  9. An average of 11 mothers die daily. That’s a fact.
  10. It will not force anyone to act against their ethical or religious beliefs. 
I got these facts from this site
   Don’t you think this bill is violating our right to life? This right includes the protection of every part of the body and the unborn. We’re clearly violating our own right to life when we use contraceptives because we obviously do not want a baby. In fact, right now, I’ll state my opinions regarding the RH Bill. 
  1. It violates our right to life because we’re not protecting the unborn if we use contraceptives. 
  2. If you read the facts above again, it seems like they’re promoting the artificial methods more than the natural methods. {See numbers 6, 7, and 8.}
  3. {This next opinion of mine will be long.} The RH Bill promotes smaller families to help lessen the population, right? What I read in my science book is the human population is increasing every day, but it isn’t increasing very quickly. The rate at which the population grows actually decreases every year. 

          Next, People use the amount of food per person to know whether or not there are too many   

          people on earth. If there are too many people on earth, the first thing we’ll be seeing is starvation    
          everywhere, but we don’t. Why don’t we see starvation everywhere? That’s because people still   
          have food! It’s not really “starvation”, but a limited food supply. Why is there a limited supply of 
          food then? It’s simply the result of selfishness. We have limited food because other people out 
          there don’t think of others and store all the food for themselves.  If only we would share God’s    
          blessings to us with others, all of us would be able to eat contently and have extra food.
   Now, the question is, should we support the RH Bill? Is this our solution to our population problem? 

White Against Black

   Contrast is what I learned in Art for 3rd quarter. To be honest, this is one of the hardest techniques I learned because it’s difficult to draw subjects with a white pencil on black paper. It’s very difficult to show details. I’ve decided to do very easy artworks for this technique. The drawings are below.

I put several leaves under white paper and shaded them to show the shapes and textures.

I used the same technique as the drawing above.

I drew this and the next two using white pencil on dark paper. {This is actually black paper.}

Missing The Beach

The wonderful sunset.

   Right now, I’m currently missing the beach. I miss the waves crashing on my legs. I miss the fish, the sand, the chill feeling, and the sea water. I miss the wonderful sunsets every afternoon. But what I miss the most would be the morning breeze and the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. Aaaaah! I miss the beach SO much. Hopefully, my family and I can go to a beach soon! 

Lauryn {my childhood best friend} and I! 

My Little Bit Of Heaven

   Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. I’m absolutely in love with cupcakes whether they’re vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or any kind of flavor. I was watching DC Cupcakes last Sunday and the first thing I asked myself was, “How do they possibly do that?!” After a few minutes, I started craving for cupcakes then my mom asked me, “What do you want to bake today?” My answer was totally obvious. Cupcakes! I made cupcakes on my own with the help of my mom putting them in the oven. I made it on my own! That’s an accomplishment and a life skill to learn. The pictures below are the cupcakes I made. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I still have to learn how to frost neatly without the bleeding.

I am totally enjoying Photoshop! Ahhh! Life is a piece of cupcake. ๐Ÿ™‚ {i took this photo but i just edited it by making it black and white then making the cupcake colored}