Phantom of the Opera

  Last September 21, 2012, my family and I watched the second longest running musical, Phantom of the Opera! There were scenes that made me laugh, scared, and sad. Most of the scenes were opera, but I still enjoyed it so much! Even though I’m not that fond of opera, the musical was simply wonderful to watch and I hope I could watch it again sometime. 

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!

   Last Sunday, my sister and I went to CISV’s 50th Anniversary in Rockwell. We  bought shirts and watched the performances of the different chapters (QC, Cebu, Bacolod, Baguio, Manila). We were shocked that 60 countries have CISV and there are 200 countries in the whole world! 

   The best part of the CISV Anniversary was that we were able to see our old camp mates which was awesome! We also met new kids who joined CISV. And, guess what? 600 CISVers attended the CISV Anniversary! CISV made me meet new people and make peace not war. Thank you, Doris Allen, for creating CISV and happy anniversary, CISV! 

Sofia, Annelle, and Marga

Francis and Esab

Annelle and Marga!

Marga, Chelsea, Denise, and Bea

Annelle and Enzo!

Annelle, me, and Marga!