Kakaiba Ka!

   Sa Filipino, may nabasang akong isang istorya tungkol sa magkaibigang  kambing at usa na sina Maki at Waldo. Habang tumagal ang kanilang pagkakaibigan, unti-unting nainggit si Maki. Nainggit siya dahil ang mga sungay ng mga usa ay parang puno at lahat ng mga hayop ay pinapansin si Waldo imbis na siya. Naghanap ng paraan si Maki para humaba ang sungay niya pero hindi siya nagtagumpay. Mula noon, tinanggap na niya ang kanyang sarili. 

  Paminsan-minsan, katulad ako ni Maki. Ang mga kaibigan ko ay mas mayaman o mas matalino kaysa sa akin. Pero, dapat tanggapin ko ang aking sarili dahil mayroong taong hindi kayang gawin ang kaya kong gawin. Isang kasabihan sa Ingles ang nagpapalakas ng loob sa akin at ito ay, “We weren’t made to fit in. We were made to stand out.”  Ang aral dito ay ang lahat ng mga nilikha ng Diyos ay may iba’t-ibang kakayahan at dapat tanggapin natin ang ating mga sarili. May iba’t-ibang talento ang bawat tao. Kapag naiinggit tayo, tinutulak lang natin ang ating sarili pababa.

Tulad ng isang banda, ang bawat isa ay mayroong sariling kakayahan at kapag pinagsama mo sila,   magandang musika ang nabubuo.

What Happens If You Don’t Cooperate?

   When I think of cooperation, teamwork is what I think of first. Cooperation is to work together and it is one of the character traits that I really need to improve on this year. If we don’t cooperate, we fight and it can destroy one’s day, or maybe even week! 

   This week, it started off fine until yesterday. We were about to discuss M.O.H (Mystery Of History) when my mom noticed that I didn’t clean up. I cleaned up, but she said I didn’t. Then, my mom started to notice more things around the house like my sister’s. I don’t really know what I did wrong because when my mom noticed my things, I was somewhere else. Now that’s another thing. I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. That was another reason why we had a bad day. 

    What I did wrong here was that I didn’t clean up my things and I may have also blamed my sister.  That started our fights until we finally put back all our things in their proper places. The process was not pleasant and enjoyable at all.

   See? If you don’t cooperate, one fight can lead to another. If one person gets mad, the other people can, too! From now on, I will try to cooperate more and always THINK BEFORE I ACT because if I don’t, it could lead into another fight! Cooperation is what makes good and harmonious family relationships, so if you want to have a good relationship with your family, simply COOPERATE.  

My Devotional

This is the start of my 2nd Quarter portfolio. This post is my devotional for today. 

August 21, 2012 

(CBH Ministries) 

Isaiah 61:10 – My soul shall be joyful in my God; for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation. 

My Reflection: 

Our attitude reveals the kind of people we are. What we wear doesn’t matter, but our attitude does. The Bible says to be content with the things you have. A thankful heart and a happy attitude make a person most attractive. Your attitude cannot be hidden by clothing.

It’s Angel Brigade Not Angel Brag-aid

   Last Saturday, I volunteered in a program called Angel Brigade which helps victims of calamities here in the Philippines. Why are we suddenly volunteering? Well, the Philippines recently experienced a monsoon which is stronger than a typhoon. Almost all parts of the Philippines were flooded and it destroyed many infrastructures that cost millions of money. In some parts of the Philippines, the residents had to leave their homes to go to safer places like evacuation centers. Whenever a calamity strikes the Philippines, different groups or programs donate relief goods and people volunteer to help the victims. One of the organizations that help was Angel Brigade. In the volunteer program, I was one of the youngest.  I was one of the four kids among the volunteers; the rest were adults.  There were lots of people who actually sacrificed their time to help. I was surprised because there were more than I expected. 

   During the volunteer operations, we packed relief goods, rice, water, and medicine. I felt really generous when I was helping because I knew that everything I was doing to help will count. 

   I heard that some government officials donated cans of sardines with their faces and names printed on the labels.  I think they were doing it for media and public attention. Their intention was really not to help the victims but to get the attention they wanted from the public. It’s sad that in times of emergencies, people still manage to think of themselves and what they would gain out of helping.   

    Next time there is another calamity where we can help by donating, I hope more Filipinos would be generous enough to help volunteer to pack relief goods and to donate to the victims WITHOUT bragging about it. It’s better to think of OTHERS instead of ourselves. Besides, think about it.   What good will bragging do to others AND to ourselves? Nothing really. It makes you more selfish and proud. Bragging also makes you a show-off, which is a big turn-off. Let Jesus be our example when we help others. As it says in Matthew 6:3 – “But when you help a needy person, do it in such a way that even your closest friend will not know about it.” 


   Last week, I watched Brave with my friends and my family. I really didn’t know what it was all about until my sister told me. After, I was really interested and hyped up to watch!  

   After watching the movie, I wanted to become an archer! I also learned two lessons. 

Lesson 1: Some things are also good for us 
even though we are not satisfied with it. 
Lesson 2: We should be courageous and brave! 

 The movie really inspired me and I hope the producers make a prequel and a sequel next! 


What Have I Done?

   Attitude is your feelings or opinions about someone or something. It can affect your health, others, your walk with God, and your words. We should always think before we act! It is very important. 

    I’ve had bad attitudes several times already and it affected mostly others and my words. I didn’t think before I acted. After I had a bad attitude which sparked up a fight, my mom and my sister had bad attitudes, too! I said to myself, “I shouldn’t have acted like that! God, please help me.” It’s like law of attraction! Once you have a good or bad attitude, it attracts good or bad attitude. We should always think before we act and ask God to help us to choose which are the best and the worst choices. From now on, I will always ask God for guidance in EVERYTHING I do or say. 

A Simple Guide On Math

   This year, I used a different Math book called Teaching Textbooks. I really enjoy it because it reviews the old lessons like addition which makes me remember them more! I made a brochure as a simple guide on basic math definitions, concepts, and rules. 

The two brochures I made, Math 7 Part 1 and Math 7 Part 2

The Properties of Addition

Subtraction and Division

Divisibility Rules

Order of Operation Rules

From here, it is about fractions.


God’s Continuing Providence

  Have you ever seen a piece of trash or a seed? A piece of trash like a bottle looks ugly, but you can use it as a flower vase or you can use it to make a boat to save people during floods. A seed looks plain and round, but when it grows, a beautiful, green plant comes out of it!  In Christian Living, I learned about God’s providence. Providence is the protective care of God. When something bad happens, something good comes out of it. Through bad times, God leads the way to a better world for ourselves. 

   I made a poster about some of the bad things or events that happen to me and the good things that come out of it. 

Here is my poster: 

Thumbs down for bad and thumbs up for good! I also drew the  hands. 

   From now on, whenever I will do something, I will ask God for help. He will tell me what is right and what is wrong. Even though I don’t like the results, I should accept it because God knows it is for the best. As the saying goes, “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”

Fried Chicken? Why Don’t You Try Chicken Parmesan Instead!

   Chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite dishes! Plus, I invented it. Chicken Parmesan are chicken breasts coated in breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and basil. I actually am proud of my dish and my family is, too! My sister is the one who compliments me the most about what I cook or bake. She says that everything I cook is good. I usually pair this with Macaroni & Cheese. I hope someday I will get to open my own restaurant and put these dishes in the menu. 



Breadcrumbs with Parmesan and Basil
Coated Chicken

Finished Product:  Chicken Parmesan with Macaroni & Cheese

Will Salt Water and Sugared Water Affect the Growth of Seeds?

   As I was thinking of an experiment where I can apply the scientific method, I had a question in mind. And it was…

Will salt water and sugared water affect the growth of seeds? 

That just gave me a brilliant beyond brilliant idea!

Hypothesis: They will affect the growth of seeds. 

  – 3 seeds (for example: mongo seeds)
  – 3 plastic containers (Please label so that they won’t get mixed up.) 
  – 3 sponges 
  – 1 tablespoon sugar 
  – 1 tablespoon fine salt 
  – three 1/2 cups of water (one with sugar, one with salt, one with nothing in it) 

  1. Put a sponge in each of the containers and place 6 seeds on top of each sponge. 
  2. Mix the sugar in 1/2 cup of water until dissolved and do the same with salt. 
  3. Pour one of the three 1/2 cups of water in one container and do the same with the other two. 
  4. Place the containers outside where the sun is. 
  5. Water the seeds whenever the sponge is dry already. 
  6. Observe and record what you see. Draw (optional). 

Day 1; July 23, 2012: Setting up of the experiment 

Day 2; July 24, 2012: The seeds are quite swollen now. They have absorbed water. 

Day 3; July 25, 2012: Two of the seeds in the Water Container are sprouting. 
The other seeds are not yet sprouting. The seeds on both the Water and Sugared Water containers are quite bloated. The seeds in the Salt Water container are still about in their original size. 

Day 4; July 26, 2012: There is a seed sprouting in the Sugared Water container! 

Day 5; July 27, 2012: All of the seeds are sprouting in the Water container! One seed is sprouting in the Sugared Water container while none are sprouting yet in the Salt Water container. 

(On July 27, 28, 29, we were out. July 27-30 were stormy days. We had to move them place to place.) 

Day 6; July 30, 2012: In the Water container, almost all the seeds are sprouting! Although, two seeds are covered in mold. In the Sugared Water container, two seeds are sprouting. One seed is covered in mold. In the Salt Water container, zero seeds are sprouting. They look puffier now, though. 

Day 7; July 31, 2012: The seeds on the Water and Sugared Water containers are growing. They grow bigger and healthier each day. In the Salt Water container, the seeds look a little puffier. 

Day 8; August 1, 2012: The seeds in the Water and Sugared Water containers are bigger and healthier. In the SalW container, they look the same.

Day 9; August 2, 2012: In the Water container, the plants have been growing bigger and faster everyday! Even in the Sugared Water container!

August 8, 2012: From August 2, 2012, the plants have been growing bigger and bigger everyday! Most of the seeds have mold all over it though. 🙁 

   During the process of the experiment,  there were experimental variables that we should have reduced or eliminated, but we really couldn’t. 


1. Weather; The day we set up the experiment, it was sunny. As days passed, the weather changed from sunny to stormy. We couldn’t control weather so we had to just deal with it.

2. Places where the containers were placed/stored; We put the containers in a spot where there was sun. Since there were weather changes, we had to move them somewhere else where the rain couldn’t reach the containers. If it did, that could be another experimental variable that would affect the results of the experiment. 

3. Amount of Water; The amount of water that I was supposed to use to water the seeds was 1/2 cup. Whenever I watered the seeds, the amount of water could be a little over the 1/2 mark on the measuring cup and I just didn’t notice it. 

4. The cover for the containers; I had to put clear cling wrap over the containers so that birds won’t peck the seeds. After a few days, I removed the cling wrap since the seeds look big enough and would need space to grow. 

5. The holes on the cling wrap; Although I made sure that each cling wrap had 16 holes on it, the size of the holes could be different. 

   As a conclusion, it looks like ordinary water makes the seeds grow the fastest! Sugared water slows down the growth of seeds and salt water does something to make them not grow at all!  

    I wonder why there was mold on some of the seeds… How did they grow there? Now, that could mean another experiment to do!