Biyaya sa Basura

   Ang mga basura ay pwedeng “biodegradable” o “nonbiodegradable”. 

   Ang mga “nonbiodegradable” ay ang mga basurang pwede pang gamitin o ibenta. Ang mga bote at lata ay dalawa lang sa mga ito. Halimbawa, pwedeng gamitin ulit ang mga bote bilang lalagyanan ng tubig o bilang “flower vase”. Ang mga “nonbiodegradable” ay hindi dapat itapon kasi pwede pa silang gamitin. 

   Ang mga “biodegradable” ay ang mga basurang hindi na pwedeng gamitin. Ngunit sila ay pwedeng itapon sa lupa kasi magiging lupa din sila. Kahit basura na sila, nakakatulong pa sila sa lupa. Ang mga balat ng prutas at gulay ay isa lang sa mga “biodegradable” na basura. Ang mga “biodegradable” ay nakakatulong pa kahit basura na sila! 

   Dapat matuto tayong maghiwalay ng basura para mas alam natin kung ano ang pwede pang gamitin o hindi. Kapag magtatapon ka ng gamit, isipin mo muna kung pwede pang gamitin ito. Kahit basura na sila, nakakatulong pa sila sa atin. “REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE!” 

My Artworks

Cherry Blossom Tree (Japan in Mystery of History) 

Kangaroo in Singapore Zoo (Filipino; Fernando Amorsolo) 

Elephants in Singapore Zoo (Filipino; Fernando Amorsolo)

Jaguar sleeping in Singapore Zoo (Filipino; Fernando Amorsolo)

   The animal drawings are related to Filipino. Why? I read about Fernando Amorsolo who is a very popular painter and his paintings that are being sold now are very expensive. I looked for pictures of his artworks online and I liked them! On that lesson, there was a question asking if I was a painter, what would I paint or draw? I picked animals because they’re very interesting to draw and I love animals! 

No More Complaining and Excuses

    Obedience is quickly and cheerfully carrying out the wise direction of those who are responsible for me. There are five I Will’s to do. The first one is, “I will obey my authorities immediately“. The next I will is, “I will have a cheerful attitude“. The third and fourth I Will’s are, “I will complete all that I am expected to do” and “I will not complain“. The last I Will is, “I will go the extra mile” which means we should do more of what is expected from us. There are two types of obedience, too. The Hebrew way which is obey then understand and the Greek way which is understand then obey. We should always follow the Hebrew way of obedience. 

  This week, my sister and I tried to obey without complaining, grumbling, and making excuses.  Excuses from us like “wait” and “later” were heard, but not as often as before. We tried to obey our parents and the people who were responsible for us immediately without making any excuses. When we were in Manila, my mum told me to fix my clothes. I quickly did what I had to do and went the extra mile by fixing my things, too! After a week, I noticed that there were less fights and it was more peaceful. I also felt like there was less weight on my shoulders.

    From now on, I will try to obey without making faces and complaints so that what I have to do would be easier and lighter. I am looking forward to peaceful days with less fights at home and wherever we may be. 

“Honor your father and mother that it may go well with you and that
you may enjoy long life on earth.”
 – Ephesians 6:14


SONA 2012

   Last Monday, July 23, 2012, I watched President Noynoy Aquino’s (P-Noy) State Of the Nation Address or SONA. I must admit, he’s doing a very good job being our president. Corruption is slowly decreasing, imported rice decreased, and the illegal logs that were cut down are now used to build chairs and tables for schools. Good job, P-Noy! 

   This is the time we should be proud we’re Filipinos. We always wanted the country to improve and right now, it is! Now that the amount of imported rice has decreased, we’re starting to learn how to appreciate locally made products. With the new slogan for tourism, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”, more foreign tourists go here. We, Filipinos, also are appreciating our land and God’s creation here in the Philippines! 

   Now, P-Noy said that government agency workers will receive their bonuses based on their performance. I approve of that because it will make Filipinos work harder and put their best in everything! With that system, Filipinos won’t be lazy and and I think corruption will soon die down because using the government’s money for your own use is bad performance. It doesn’t help anybody but yourself. Performance-based pay or bonuses are more effective because it will help you reach goals and targets which are measurable. 

   One Saturday, my family and I were listening to the priest’s homily. It was about pity and charity. After the Mass ended, my dad was explaining the homily to us. He said, “Pity leads to charity”. Filipinos should have more pity for others.  One simple example of pity and charity  is when you see beggars or poor families on the street, living on it, and looking through garbage to find food and you help them by giving them small amounts of money and left-over food. If Filipinos, government officials and even ordinary citizens, are less selfish, would think less of themselves, serve others more, be more compassionate, then charity would begin. We will show more pity for others. We will also be like Jesus who served others instead of being served. 

   I don’t get it why people were rallying during the SONA. The rallyists say that P-Noy isn’t doing anything to help the country, but he is! THEY  are the ones who aren’t doing anything at all. They just depend on the president to make the country improve, but they don’t do anything to help. My message to the rallyists: STOP RALLYING AND START ACTING! DO NOT KEEP DEPENDING ON THE PRESIDENT. YOU MUST ALSO DO YOUR PART TO HELP. 

   With these laws, programs, and systems implemented, I’m sure that we will be more united! Our country would be less corrupt and more developed. We will start appreciating local products and being diligent in our work. I thank P-Noy for doing these things to help our country improve. P-Noy says, “Walang imposible!”


   I read a legend about songbirds and from that time on, I was interested in them! I made a poster about them and some of the kinds of songbirds. 

Here it is: 

   My favorite among some of the different kinds of songbirds on this poster are Blue Jays, Tree Swallows, Cerulean Warblers, and Brown Shrike. I hope I get a chance to see them up close and go bird-watching so that I can see not only  songbirds but also different kinds of birds! 

Pudding, My Three-Day Kitten

   Last Monday, our helper and my mom spotted a kitten on the ground, near the computer room, and without another cat near it. Our guesses were that it was abandoned or it fell from our roof. We felt pity for the kitten, so my mom decided that I should take care of it first. I agreed to the idea, so I took care of the young kitten whose eyes weren’t open yet. I read that if a kitten’s eyes were not yet open, it is less than 2 weeks old. 

  We put the kitten in a box, used old rags as blankets to keep it warm and comfortable, and I officially named it Pudding. To feed it, I used a syringe. What did I feed it? I fed it with warm, room temperatured fresh milk. But, fresh milk isn’t supposed to be fed to kittens because it doesn’t have the nutrients of the mommy cat’s milk. I only fed it to Pudding because it was the only milk I had. I also bought a baby bottle, but the nipple was too big. I decided to start researching on how to take care of kittens so that I would know what I can do, although I knew that I couldn’t keep it alive because I wasn’t the mother. It stayed with me for three days. On the third day, I returned it to the mom. I knew that it was the mom because they had the same fur. It took a while before the mom got it. It started raining, so we had to take it back and put it in a warm, safe place. After the rain stopped, our helpers and I put it back on the roof, where we saw the mom, and left it there for a while. When we checked again, Pudding was gone from its box! That means the mother got it already! Of course, I felt happy for Pudding that it’s back with its family, but I felt sad too. Why? I felt sad because I had so much fun taking care of it and it was really cute! 

  I just realized I used the scientific method in this simple, not-everyday experience! My hypothesis was that the kitten would survive on commercialized fresh milk. The kitten DID survive on commercialized milk for three days, but pity took over me so I wasn’t able to finish my “experiment” with Pudding. 

   I hope Pudding is happy and safe now that it’s with its family, and away from our hunter dog, Hershey, a mini dachshund, who just hates cats! 


One Potato, Two Potatoes, Three Potatoes, MORE!

   Potatoes are a staple crop in Ireland, but they originated in the Andean mountain region of South America. Spanish explorers “discovered” the potatoes and brought them to Europe in the early 16th century. Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C, so they were used on Spanish ships to prevent scurvy. Currently, the main producers of potatoes include the Russian Federation, Poland, Ireland, China and the United States. The potato’s scientific name is Solanum tuberosum. Solanum is from a Latin word which means “soothing”.

   The potato belongs to the Solonaceae or nightshade family. The other members of the nightshade family are tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and tomatillos. There are different kinds of potatoes for different uses. Examples of the kinds of potatoes are the Nadine potatoes and the Wilja potatoes. The potatoes I usually see are New Potatoes and Wilja potatoes. Even though they are different kinds of potatoes, all of them are rich in vitamin C, folate, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, iron, and fiber! 

   When you are choosing potatoes, they should be firm, well-shaped, relatively smooth, and should be free of decay. You should store potatoes in the dark and dry place between 45 degree to 50 degree Fahrenheit. They shouldn’t be stored in the refrigerator and they shouldn’t be near onions. Why? The gases that they each emit will cause degradation of one another. 

   There are different ways to cook potatoes, too! The most common dishes are mashed potatoes and baked potatoes, which are my favorite. You can boil, mash, roast, and fry them. There are many other potato dishes, but I think these are what most people enjoy eating. 

   Like other people, I think potatoes are a comfort food. Plus, it is easy to cook and eat. It may take a long time to cook, but it is worth it! Not only is the taste great, but it also gives you a great dose of vitamin C and other nutrients!


This is the potato dish, Mashed Potato Boat, I created.