My Fear Of Clowns

    My fear of clowns started when I was two years old. My family and I went to an amusement park called Enchanted Kingdom. We were just strolling around when two clowns approached me and started doing weird things. I felt scared then I started crying. That was the time my fear of clowns, coulrophobia, started. 
    Whenever I see clowns, I start shaking a little and I move away from them. I do not like clowns because they look hideous. Whenever they try to be funny, to me, they aren’t. Whenever there is a birthday party, they always to go the older kids instead of the younger ones! They end up annoying and scaring me. 
    I try to overcome my fear by staying away from clowns. This helps calm me down. I also avoid looking at them because their looks give me the creeps. I hope I can overcome my fear of clowns soon. Clowns are supposed to be friendly and funny, anyway. 

Little Miss Chef

   “Where do you study?” is the question my friends usually ask me. The answer is always, “I’m homeschooled.” After I answer them, they start asking me more questions about homeschooling. Sometimes, I have a difficult time giving them the answers.
   My sister and I started homeschooling last 2007. She was Grade 3 and I was Grade 1. Now, she’s 2nd Year High School and I’m Grade 6. You might think that homeschoolers don’t have friends. We do! I join CISV camp where I meet kids of different ages and are from different schools. I also join other extra-curricular activities and meet other kids who are not all of the same age.  I’ve noticed that after we shifted to homeschooling, I became less shy, I started loving learning and studying more. I discovered my love in culinary arts. I was able to attend different cooking classes every year and I learn a lot of new things in every class. But the main reason why I like homeschooling is because homeschoolers learn anything, anywhere, everywhere. 
   I am starting this blog so that I can share my adventures with all of you! I will be posting essays, photos and learnings here. I hope you will all enjoy reading. Let the homeschool adventures begin!